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Coffret D'or Nudy Cover Moisture Liquid UV #Soft Ochre-C with SPF26 / PA++ コフレドールヌーディカバーモイスチャーリクイドUV #ソフトオークルC

Coffret D'or Nudy Cover Moisture Liquid UV is a dewy foundation.
The latest liquid foundation of Coffret D'or from fall 2017.
Covers pores and uneven skintone,
in nudy coverage.
Melting like a raw chocolate.

Even on dry skin, it will feel soft and melt into your skin.
Adopted the new "Thin film melty formula".
A bare skin-like film, evenly covering details of pores
and uneven color.
Fits moistly on skin, gives glossy finish.

Contains water soluble collagen, royal jelly extract,
niacinamide (moisturizing) formulation.

Video CM Nagasawa Masami:

Video Description:

SO-C is a medium pinkish undertone.
OC-B is lean to a lighter color than SO-C,
but to a neutral tone.
Beige is for yellow skintone. 
Because the SO-C I own is a C label,
it is slightly darker than OC-B.

With Nudy Cover Moisture Liquid UV, it can give
uniform coverage of moisture, with glossy finish.
The left picture is bare skin, right picture is using Moisture Aura Base UV
and topped with Nudy Cover Moisture Liquid UV.

It seems the box color for this is a pastel & soft pink.
Which is relaxing.
It also feels more mature but softer than most foundation brand.
SO-C is the best tone for my skin,
although it is a bit darker.
Maybe I should purchase OC-B?

Suggestion to use is shake before pouring the liquid.
For liquid type foundation, Coffret D'or doesn't advise
to use it with wet sponge, except for powder foundation.

And surprisingly, it comes with a sponge!
And the case for sponge...
How considerate of Coffret D'or to give a hygienic foundation tools.
There is a ribbon-like mettalic cap.
I feel the design is very cute, despite it is for mature ladies.
Tube itself is very light because it is made of plastic.
Despite the tube color is creme, it is a plastic,
so doesn't leave stain.

The nozzle helps me to pour a decent amount of liquid.
The liquid contains oil that helps it glide smoothly.

Even though SO-C is best for pink tone,
it still leave a yellow-ish finish color.
Maybe I'll try OC-B once I finish with this tube.

This is what the liquid foundation looks like on my hand.
The below area is blended.
It gives me natural coverage.
Although the liquid is very watery,
it gives a light to medium coverage.
I think that's quite amazing since I thought the coverage will be low.
The liquid glides smoothly on skin without being dry,
and it is a new feeling for me since most foundation is dry.

Can you see the difference of my bare skin and the foundation?
It feels like nothing added on my skin!
And I didn't use primer before.
The foundation is very light, but it can cover most of redness.
Gives dewy finish without shimmer.
What's more?
I feel this foundation gives me a 3D finish!
A true one without adding contouring makeup.
The C & T-zone area gives glossy finish,
reflecting light softly and gives shadow on the part without light.

On this picture, I don't use any primer or blush or contouring.
I only put lipstick and Nudy Cover Moisture Liquid UV.
This shows how the foundation gives obvious contour on my nose area,
makes it slimmer without adding shadow powder / cream.

I love this foundation very much and will consider of repurchase!
As Coffret D'or's suggesting below, now is the time for natural glowing skin
that can cover pores and uneven color.

This picture explains how foundation has changed to a higher level.
In 2005, the matte & transparent skin is famous.
In 2010, is the trend for natural & smooth skin.
In 2015, a higher level of glossy finish is added, creating glowing skin.
But now, a glossy skin that can cover well is more preferred.

And I think that's right.
Since most glossy finish foundation gives low coverage,
the Nudy Cover Moisture Liquid UV is greater.
Without too much effort and layering, it can give medium coverage in 2 layers.
Maybe it doesn't cover acne very well, expecially the big one.
But for a dewy foundation, I think it's already natural enough
with great coverage of redness and pores.
Plus, it glides smoothly like adding a raw chocolate on my face,
even though I'm using sponge,
so doesn't take long to use this foundation.

Definitely my best foundation I'd ever have.
I love this one than any of Korean BB cushions.
Even though most BB cushions are lighter than BB cream,
they still feel heavy and sticky compared to this.
The lightest foundation I'd ever own.
Without looking greasy, without changing all day, and very natural.

Again, didn't put any shading / highlighting makeup.
Only used the foundation, and my nose became thin!
What a smart foundation!

Now also available in compact powder foundation,
the Nudy Cover Long Keep Pact UV.
And the fitting souffle-like foundation (mine is liquid type, and this is *souffle type),
Nudy Cover Liquid UV.
*souffle is named for light and bouncy cream, often used by SUGAO.

+ Light foundation, feels like not wearing anything.
+ Covers uneven skintone and some small acne well, light-medium.
+ Only need a small amount of foundation since it glides easily on skin.
+ Comes with a sponge & its case so it is travel-friendly, the tube is also very light.
+ Covering pores very well so the highlighting part doesn't seem ugly.
+ Gives a real 3D effect without contouring.
+ There are 7 colors available, which is too many for Japanese foundation.
+ Doesn't have scent and skin-friendly.
+ Glides smoothly with the oil inside but feels like semi-matte when touching it.
+ Doesn't change all day, doesn't become dry around nose too even without primer!
- Very expensive (Rp 625k++) similar to Lunasol, and only sold in Japan.

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