Thursday, February 22, 2018

Dejavu Fiberwig Ultra Long F Mascara #Brown

Dejavu is a famous eyeproduct brand from imju Japan.
It was being a hype on Youtube a year ago.
Since last year, this mascara is already sold here in Indonesia.
But too bad, it is only being sold in a few places
and very few people know of it.
The one I bought is a long type fiber mascara,

For more information, I already took a picture of its brochure below:

The Fiberwig Ultra Long F Brown is the most left product, a bulky red tube.

The brochure only explains the items brought to Indonesia.
But it already described this product well.

In a few words, this mascara is a fiber and long type mascara.
It can be easily removed by warm water.

As I've explained, this tube is a red and bulky one.
Since it is a long type, the wand is also very long!

It is a brown black.

The result is not a dramatic bold finish.
It creates a naturally long eyelashes, doesn't seem fake.
And the brown color suits my natural lashes color.
Stays long for the entire working day.
But it is not suitable for those who prefer a drastic changing mascara.
Even though I put this mascara on numerous times,
this doesn't create clumpy lashes.
The formula is very thinly applied and rarely stick to each other.

The mascara is hardly smudge.
And it is true!
It can be removed easily, similar to Canmake GOKUBUTO.
I found it is rare for a long type mascara to be easily erased like this.
Moreover, this is a brown long type mascara!
I didn't have this type of mascara before, also in brown color.

I can find better long type mascara than this one.
It is too thin for my eyelashes.
But since it can be easily removed,
I prefer using this and GOKUBUTO for my everyday activities.
Moreover, the finish result is very natural for daily office look.
It is not too dramatic.

If only this is easier to buy, I will purchase this mascara often.
You will find more information is searching for Indonesia Imju web.
The company also brought Hatomugi here.
And the price is similar to Kiss Me Heroine, so I can't complain.

+ Easily removed by warm wate without much effort.
+ Lenghtening lashes without clumping.
+ Can be applied numerous times without messing up the formula.
+ Because it is easily removed, it doesn't cut my lashes often, like some waterproof mascara.
+ It is rare for me to find a long type mascara & can be removed easily.
+ The brown looks similar to sheer black. It emphasizing my lashes without being overly dramatic.
+ The wand is long, but comfortable. It helps my grip.
+ Affordable price, although a bit higher than drugstore brands.
- The color might not be suitable for people who like bold lashes.
- Must use curler after using this mascara.

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