Saturday, February 17, 2018

Coffret D'or Smile Up Cheeks N #01 Soft Peach コフレドール スマイルアップチークスN #01 ソフトピーチ

For years, I was tempted to buy Coffret D'or Smile Up Cheeks.
But before I could buy the old version,
the new one came, Smile Up Cheeks N.
Comes for a raw glossy trend.

"Two colors, familiar to the skin", mixed with
"transparent beauty skin powder" produces glossy & shiny cheek
in a compact set.
Smile Up Cheeks N is in flowery design,
while the old version is only in round shape.

Colors variation:

A: By blending the two cheek colors, which familiar to skin,
it produces an exquisite hues.
B: Transparent natural skin powder, a luster for skin,
a textured powder that complements the transparency.

The #01 Soft Peach is a color that will suit any skintone
in a soft peach.

How to use:
a. Apply two cheek colors with the brush,
draw an ellipse outward, centering on the highest cheek.
b. Put transparent beauty skin powder on the upper part
then blend it.

The Smile Up Cheeks N have pearl with shine,
gives more glossy with oil coating.

Advertisement with Nagasawa Masami

Coffret D'or Smile Up Cheeks N Model Campaign:

"A obviously popular makeup" feat. Fujii Akiko (Soft Peach)

"Favorably Rating in Max" feat. Awatsu Mai (Soft Peach)

"Just a little offensive seasonal makeup" feat. Garu chan (Coral Beige)

"Too much happiness makeup" feat. Clayton Ai (Coral Beige)

I feel the box is very cute and big!
It is different than my other blusher's box.
The color is wonderful too, with pink gold theme all around.

The case is bulky, made from plastic.
It is light despite the big size.

At first, the brush is placed separately from the case.
But it can be moved inside the plastic case too, because it have a separator.
I think since I got the blush from 2014 autumn set,
all brush can be placed inside its case, which is travel-friendly.

You will think there are only two colors.
But not.
This blusher has four colors!
 The middle one (A) is peach (mixed between orange & pink),
its outer color is pink.
And the transparent beauty powder (B) is a mixed of gold beige
and pearly white color.

And Coffret D'or logo embedded at the bottom


All powders have small glitters.
This makes the blusher looks very shiny on cheeks.
And be careful to use the peach color.
It will become very bold,
so I always brushes it on hand first to control the amount.

It gives a natural shine if seen from far.
From close look, it will be glittery, but not strong.

For high end brand, this blusher is too glittery.
But I can stand it since it looks pretty good on picture.
It gives glossier finish rather than a normal glittery blush.
Without being oily, the powder stays strong all day.

The peach color is lean on pink, so it's good for any skintone.
And the color is buildable, the center colors are pigmented.
It doesn't have scent, as usual for Japanese brand.

I found out that using liquid foundation gives more natural finish,
even though this is powder-type.
When using powder foundation, it gives the same amount of shine.
But it glides smoothly on liquid foundation,
especially when I'm using the Nudy Cover Moisture Liquid UV from the same brand.

+ Buildable color from bold to sheer peach.
+ Gives glossy finish without being oily.
+ Natural flush, although the powder is glittery.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry skin & pores.
+ Strong staying power for me, stays all day.
+ Travel friendly with a brush that can be put inside.
+ The case is very light despite its size.
+ The soft peach can be used for warm or cool skintone.
+ Suit for everyday usage, the glitters won't be noticeable from far.
- Maybe for some people, glittery blush is a no.
- Expensive, the price is almost same with its foundation!

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