Sunday, January 28, 2018

Kanebo KATE Color Highvision Rouge #RS-1 ケイト カラーハイビジョンルージュ #RS-1

This will be my first time trying KATE's lipstick.
I previously own Color Sensor Lip Tint.
But that's an oil-based lip tint.
This time, is the famous pigmented lipstick from KATE.

The Color Highvision Rouge is a matte lipstick.
Don't expect that it will give glossy & sheer finish.
It is creamy, sturdy, and stays well.

This lipstick comes in a box.

I didn't care about this lipstick before.
But since my hotel was at The Venetian Resort in Macao,
and they have SaSa counter in one of the mall there,
 I wasted more money in buying this together with Canmake tint.

The tube is shorter than most lipstick.
But the bullet stands for the same lenght.
Moreover, it is very sturdy and hardly melt,
so the bullet is considered quite big!

The bullet itself is long and large in diameter.

I picked RS-1 color.
It is a MLBB color, in dark rose, almost brown.
It gives a soft focus rose color on my lips.
Doesn't have taste & scent, it stays good on my dry lips.
Doesn't emphasize dry lips, and is long staying too.
I thought it would be bold at first.
But thankfully, RS-1 is still a good color for my complexion
without being a show off.

Swatch on hand

On lips

The feeling when wearing this lipstick is
matte, pigmented, fitting, light, and moisturizing.
Different than most matte lipstick,
KATE Color Highvision Rouge is very light.
While sometimes RS-1 does seem like a brown color,
it is actually a dark pink beige.
Covers dark area on my lips well.

But since the color variation is too bold for me,
I won't purchase another color except I get easier access to buy.
My impression for this lipstick is
a light matte lipstick that is moisturizing.
And the colors are suitable for mature ladies.

Yoshizawa Ryo as Suzuki Yori tried to buy a red lipstick from this range
in the preview of movie "Ano Ko no, Toriko".
He never fails to make my day & become my fav actor nowadays.

+ Matte but moisturizing lipstick.
+ Texture is creamy but light.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry part.
+ Long lasting.
+ Caring for my lips (moisturized my lips).
+ Bold & pigmented with 10 colors to choose
+ The bullet size is big, even though the tube is small. It is hardly melt so again, big size bullet.
- Expensive for drugstore brand.

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