Friday, January 12, 2018

Kanebo KATE Brown Shade Eyes N #BR-5 Terra cotta ケイト ブラウンシェードアイズN #BR-5 テラコッタ

Brown Shade Eyes N is a modification palette of Brown Shade Eyes.
I previously owned BR-6 and BR-3.
I really love Brown Shade Eyes series and this is no exception.
I picked a different color variation from my previous palettes,
because they're the same.
The only differences is a topping bronzer color
and the fake shade powder is smaller.
I'm a bit disappointed at that, because I like KATE's contouring powder.
The color for contouring is beautiful
and fit my skin to create a cool expression.

Advertising video and how to use:

OMG. How can Kuroki Meisa's face becomes like in FF (CGI)?
This is an introduction for 2017 Autumn Winter new makeup.

Color variations (if you won't click the video above):

Let's look at the real thing.

Now, it contains 5 palettes eyeshadow.
With bronzer added, KATE wants to add more glow to its palette.
Sad that the fake shade powder is smaller now.
I think I'd prefer a smaller highlighter than the contouring.
I really love KATE's shading color.

Terra cotta refers to the B & D color.
It is a red-orange-brown color like fired earth.
Soft and warm tone color that brings life.
There are only 2 colors that named differently than the previous version.
BR-4 is supposed to be "Deep", now is "Copper".
Deep was a black brown color variation.
But Copper is now a red-brown-golden color.
BR-5 was named "Glitter". Now is "Terra Cotta".
Glitter and Terra Cotta doesn't have much differences in color range.
But Glitter had much more gold color in it.

I feel all KATE's eyeshadows are cool!
Don't know why, the color choice is very cool.
But it is often same with each range.
Though the way KATE created any range is always creative.

When I wore blue shirt, I didn't put the bronzer throughout my lid.
That's why the color is sheer.
Different with the other picture, which have more golden color from the bronzer.

I didn't have this kind of golden red brown color like this before.
I considered this color as cool.
But I'm a bit disappointed at the smaller fake shade powder.
Even though I didn't use the eyeshadow,
I often wear the fake shade powder alone on some occassion.
Staying power from KATE eyeshadow is no doubt at all.
It doesn't crease the entire day and minimum fallout.

+ A 5 colors eyeshadow palette with bronzer and shading powder.
+ Stays long the entire day without creasing.
+ Minimum fallout.
+ Color is very cool and fierce.
+ Does not emphasize dry area on my eyes (panda eyes).
+ Super love the fake shade powder. Can be used as nose shadow too (that's why I need it more!).
+ The bronzer is quite good as highlight color.
- Not suitable for daily makeup. But still use it for work anyway (I have too many eyeshadows).

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