Sunday, January 7, 2018

Kanebo KATE 3D Contrasting Cheeks #RD-2

3D Contrasting Cheeks is a dual blush from KATE.
A powder shimmery type.
With two way brush, using a blusher will be fun.
Either pick one color, or mix them, or creating gradation.

I picked the RD-2.
I don't know why, but I think I wanted to try a red powder blush.
The 3D Contrasting Cheeks or 3D Cheeks is a duo blusher.
For more information, I took this from KATE SG website:

But truthfully, there are 6 colors right now:

The one I chose is RD-2.
It is a muted-plum red for color B
and a golden beige for color A.

Packaging is a sleek rectangle black.
It is light though, despite the bulky case.

From two way brush,
to only one brush by folding.

There is only one brush.
But you can use the wide brush for color A.
And then, swipe color B on the apple of the cheek by folding the brush.
That's the easiest way to gain sheer application.
The brush is soft without falling off.

This is the real color of RD-2.
I wanted to try RD-1 earlier.
But I thought the color look more to pink than red.
Or, is Japanese blusher for red is actually pink? *wink to AUBE Couture.
Anyway, the pigmentation is good, especially the plum red color.

 The color B is very pigmented, right?
I found it is hard to blend, similar to Maybelline Flush Creator at first.
But it was because I used a wrong technique.
I should've put color A first on the entire cheek base.
Then put color B on the middle.
It will be easier to gain natural flush by doing so.

The bold blush:

 The sheer blush:

I think I don't have any love for this kind of blush.
A duo blusher is not suitable for me.
So far, I  only find a bold & very pigmented blusher
that won't suit my preferrence.
I really want to choose a more natural color.
And 3D Cheeks in RD-2 is not my favorite.
But I'm surprised at how the pigmentation for Japanese blusher can be bold.
And I must agree with KATE's decision.
This blush seems to be created for mature lady.
I'd prefer to wear it on my cheekbone rather than on middle cheek.

+ A pigmented dual color blush.
+ The shimmer doesn't emphasize dry skin.
+ The brush can be used as a one or two way.
+ Created a mature look without much effort.
+ Compact design, lightweight even though the case is bulky.
+ Brush is soft and doesn't hurt my face at all.
- Too bold. I must control my strenght to swipe it well.
- In term of price, it is higher than most natural blusher. But cheaper than Laneige Ideal Blush Duo.

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