Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Canmake Secret Beauty Powder #01 Clear Powder キャンメイク シークレットビューティーパウダー #01 クリアパウダー

This is a new powder from Canmake.
I thought it would be like Shiseido Maquillage,
where it can be used as a skincare powder at night.
But no, this powder just create a matte-finish skin after skincare,
without caring for the inside.
But since it is safe to put this after putting my night cream,
I don't have hesitation to try.

What is Secret Beauty Powder?
Since I don't like to write, I'll just copy the description from its web.

"Oh, I'm not wearing any make-up." But that's a lie ♥
A translucent skin powder for use at any time of day or night
Your secret formula for "beautiful skin even without make-up"

Comes with puff and mirror
You can even wear it while you're sleeping
Contains beautifying ingredients

A translucent skin powder for use at any time of day or night
● You can even wear it while you’re sleeping! Use it as a translucent powder in the day and a night powder overnight.

Keeps skin dewy and silky-smooth
● Contains 5 moisturizing agents, keeping skin dewy & less prone to dryness.
● Sebum-adsorbing agents cling to sebum & keep the skin's surface silky-smooth.

"Better than bare skin, lower-key than make-up"
● Contains soft-focus effect powder to softly blur flaws in your skin, creating the effect of a smooth, beautiful, make-up-free face.
● Natural finish that doesn't feel like make-up, so you won't get found out easily.

Formulation designed with your skin in mind
● 5-free formulation
Free from fragrance, mineral oil, ethanol, tar-based pigments, and UV absorbers
color image
[01] Clear Powder
Non-powdery and won't conceal too much. For pure, translucent-looking skin.

It is useful for blurring pores at daytime,
and to helps matti-fying skin at night.
You know, many women nowdays can't sleep without makeup on?
This powder can helps regaining poreless skin without looking cakey.
It also controls oil very good.

A very very cute powder case.
Reminds me of Kanebo Milano.

The pact itself is small, contains puff inside and a mirror.
It is good for travelling too since it doesn't take too much space.
With heart logo on its cap,
this makes it cute.

I thought the powder will be a loose-type
because the case is bulky, despite  the small diameter.

The powder particle is not as small as Marshmallow Finish Powder.
It is a bit hard to take, but soft on skin and contains large powder particles.
As I've thought, powder is not my friend.
I wore this after putting on Canmake Perfect Serum BB Cream.
But it makes my skin very dry!
Oh gosh, I can't use this while my skin is bad from hormone.
It makes my little acne shows out more from the dry texture.
To fix the flat matte powder, I used highlighter for brighter finish.

On hand, it is not visible.
Just a slightly brighter / whiter.

I've tried using this powder at night after putting Etude Moistfull Collagen Cream.
Because Etude's cream sticks the powder well,
I don't find it dry, unlike before with Canmake BB Cream.
It sticks well on my skin without makes it visible
that I'm using a powder at night (see the web's description).
The Secret Beauty Powder hides my pores well while using the cream
and mattifying my face.
I feel my face becomes very smooth like a mochi.
And it controls oil on my dry skin until morning!
When I woke up the next morning, the powder still sit there.
But I need a facewash to clean it well.
I will use it everytime I used a night cream.
This is great. I found something to mattify my skin
to use along a usually sticky night cream / facemask.

This is after putting Etude Moistfull Collagen Cream.
It makes my skin matte and dry.
Be careful to use it under oily base makeup.
Because it will create an obvious dry / flaky skin.
Forgive those sleepy face 'coz I really wanted to sleep.
This powder really gives brightening face at night.

+ Soft texture, feels like mochi skin.
+ Hides pores.
+ Brightening, but in term of usual powder.
+ Small, travel friendly with puff and mirror.
+ Can be used to mattify skin when using night cream.
+ Controls oil until morning on dry skin. Stays very long.
+ Safe ingredient, won't give me acne.
+ The powder is unvisible if using alone / on top of a cream.
- What? This is a small powder with many functions. It is cheaper than most Japanese powders too.
Don't expect a wow product except for the creative function at night.

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