Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Hair Coloring #10G Vanilla Gold

I'm back with Mise En Scene!!!
After coloring my hair with #7N Mocha Latte Brown,
I decided to keep coloring my hair with this brand.
It makes my hair smooth and clean after coloring too.
But since I need a brighter hair color nowadays before my trip,
I ended up purchasing #10G Vanilla Gold.
I think this is the lightest color, except the bleaching.

I really love its effect after coloring my hair.
Mise En Scene is definitely a good quality brand for hair.
My hair kept being smooth for a week.
After 2-3 months coloring my hair with Mocha Latte Brown,
this time I used the Vanilla Gold.
Vanilla Gold is supposed to be a golden blonde color.

I don't even know this girl's name.

Color chart.
My thought was right.
It would be no.2 again since I didn't bleach first 😑

Here is the before and after picture (right after washing my hair):

What do you think?
Just brighten my previous Mocha Latte Brown?

The color is almost the same as when I colored the Mocha Latte Brown.
But Vanilla Gold is lighter.
I kept remembering my hair when I colored it with Beautylabo.
I don't even know if my hair is finally a golden color or just a light brown color.


Indoor, this is only day 1 after coloring with Vanilla Gold!
But the Mocha Latte here is after 2 months, though.

Supposed I should bleach my hair first, so the color will come out more.
But I'm a lazy person so I'll skip every bleaching step.
I think this is already a natural enough for light hair color.
I dislike a too bright color and being in attention,
so this color is fine with me.

But the color at the model is very fake.
I think the chart is more accurate.
So far, I don't have problem with Mise En Scene,
except the smell will last a week.
Longer than Liese, I think.

I will stay with this color until I'm back from my vacation about 1 month later.
And will update it with my vacation picture, maybe?
I have prepared a darker color too, 6N Choco Brown.
That's because I want to color my hair natural again after vacation.
Overall, I still love Mise En Scene hair bubble.
Doesn't add damage to my hair at all

After a week

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