Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Etude House Dear Darling Tint Ice Cream #PK004 Red Bean Red, #PK005 Peach Red, #RD307 Watermelon Red

Rather than base makeup, I was indulge of lip product lately.
This is actually a summer 2017 limited item.
But I just bought recently in autumn, which is very late.
I bought 3 of them, half of the series color variation.

Fresh lip stain
Vivid and beautiful color as fruit ade.
Rich vitamin and moisturizing ingredient in pomegranate extract
and grapefruit extract contained.
Water type of lip tint is absorbed to lips quickly
and lasts long time without stickiness.

That's the explanation for this lip tint.
It is consists of fruity themed color and packaging.
Look at how the packaging is cute, following the name of color.

Since PK004 is named after red bean, the box contains red bean stamps.
And PK005 is Peach Red, so it has peach picture,
the same goes for RD307 Watermelon Red, in watermelon stamps.

Actually bought PK004 from a different seller because it's the favorite color.
Almost all sellers online doesn't have PK004.
It is said that PK004 is a MLBB color.
But I don't think so when I'm wearing it.

The bottle is made similar to an ice cream stick / popsicle.
But the size is very small, I hope it will stay for a long time.
And since this is a limited edition, I'm afraid it will be hard to find it later.
So, grab this quickly.

All has a sweet candy scent that is similar to watermelon / grapefruit?
It has a sour taste if being licked.
At first apply, it is glossy but once settled, the liquid turns dry
as Etude's previous lip tint.
All settled on lips and stays for a long time as a lip tint.
It is water based so it doesn't feel sticky on lips.

Color swatches

PK004 and PK005 looks similar here.
But PK004 has mauve / purple tone.
While PK005 is a blue-ish pink.

The applicator brush looks like this, with hole in the middle.
Easily spread the lip tint.

Etude House Dear Darling Tint Ice Cream #PK004 Red Bean Red

Despite the name red bean, this is a purple-ish pink,
almost similar to plum on my lips.
It is sheer at first swatch, but will become plum color after some more time.
While some people said the color looks sheer-er than the bottle,
I don't think so.
It is bold and can become bold-er by swatches.

The inner area keeps moisturized, while the outer lips is dry.

And this is the picture of me using PK004 Red Bean Red:

A few swipes and it becomes very dark.
This is definitely not a MLBB color.

Etude House Dear Darling Tint Ice Cream #PK005 Peach Red

I noticed the part where the cap and bottle is separated,
following the color of its box.
That's so sweet.

PK005 is a bright pink color with blue undertone.
I chose blue-ish tone maybe because they're suitable for my skin.
And this pink can get brighter too after a few applications.
My favorite color amongst the three.
Bright, natural, and cheerful.

Etude House Dear Darling Tint Ice Cream #RD307 Watermelon Red

While bright red is often the color I hardly buy,
I think the Watermelon Red is cute in its own.
This is the darkest Ice Cream Tint I bought.
But actually, it have RD306, Shark Red as the darker color.

Watermelon Red turns to be a clear & bright pink red.
It is more vivid and bold than the other color, and brighter.
I like how it makes my skin brighter and fresh.

Now, which color is my favorite?
Yes, you can guess I like PK005.
I can use it sheer or bold according to my mood.
Meanwhile, the least I like is surprisingly PK004.
It doesn't really suit my face.
Maybe, at a time when I want a mature look.
Though I'm already old enough to wear it.😝

 At first, I read many reviews said it's sheer.
But for me, it is not.
They're the same as Etude or my The Face Shop lip tint anyway.
It will get dry after around 30 minutes too.
Overall, I think this is the same lip tint, in water-based.
But of course PK004 color is new for me.

+ A fruity sweet scent lip tint.
+ Stays for long. Though the glossy finish will disappear after 30 mins?
+ Very light on lips.
+ Doesn't transfer to glass etc.
+ Cheap.
+ Cute bottle, a popsicle-like shape.
+ Brush is easy to use.
+ Moisturize lips.
- Just the same as other lip tints.
- Size is very small. But worth the price.
- Some people will feel it is dry. Me too, of course since my lips is very dry.

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