Monday, November 13, 2017

Maybelline Face Studio Master Strobing Cream #Pink

Maybelline Indonesia released the Master Strobing Cream recently.
There are two shades to choose, nude and pink.
I chose pink since I already bought Etvos Mineral Highlight Cream before.

This cream adds radiance and dimension to the face for ultimate glow.
The illuminating strobe effect is in a micro-pearl liquid formula.
Strobe to add glow and to create the look of skin
that appears radiant as if lit from within.

I think it's already a year since I found this cream.
Many Japanese youtubers introduced the cream before.
But since it was hard to get at that time, I didn't care much.

The Master series is in black packaging?

Oh well, I am not good at describing packaging.
Anyway, the cream is in the box, which is rare.
Since drugstore usually doesn't include box.

And because this is the cream pink,
the background color is pink too.

The cream doesn't have any scent.
It has many shimmers to brighten face.
If I use many of it, it will look awful, right?

Don't worry.
I always use it in very little amount, not like the picture above.
Only a little squueze, in the size of ant (yeah, ant),
I could use the entire T & C-zone to highlight my face.

Look, even though the cream is in pink color,
it doesn't add more pink to my skin.
It's just that, I feel my skin has more dreamy pink hue color on it?

Another picture of my face using the Master Strobing Cream.
I put it with my finger only to blend it well.
Never tried using brush or sponge, since finger is most convenient.

The cream itself is not sticky.
I can easily removed the cream on my finger with hand soap.
And didn't place any shimmer on my hand afterward.
So, does it mean, this is not waterproof?
I don't know.
But be careful while sweating.
I had touched some of them, and the cream remained on my finger.

But you see, the cream itself is creating more natural glow.
It doesn't leave any crack on my nose and dry area.
Just tap tap a little, and it blends well with my skin color.

+ Easy to use & spreading, with only my finger.
+ The nozzle can handle minimum cream to squeeze.
+ Gives pink-ish hue natural glow that is dreamy and the shimmer unnoticeable.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry skin & pores.
+ Creates natural glow like it is from my own skin.
+ Lightweight and gives cooling effect when spreading on skin.
+ Cheap & only a tiny size cream will do for my T&C-zone.
+ Doesn't look oily.
+ Doesn't have scent.
- Maybe it is not waterproof & when I touched it, it will make my finger glow. (aka. not transfer-proof). But it is fine as long as you don't touch face often / use tissue paper to remove sweat.

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