Saturday, October 28, 2017

Peripera Ink Airy Velvet #06 It Brown Orange & #10 Dry Rose Brown

Well well, I like Peripera's lip tint so much that I intended
to buy its every new series.
Not long after buying the Ink Airy Velvet no.2 & 5,
it already released a new shade for fall / winter 2017.
I bought shade no.6 & 10, bold and MLBB again.
And not long after the new Airy Ink Velvet color,
Peripera already released Cloud Ink Velvet series...
It says that the Cloud Ink Velvet has lighter finish than the Airy Velvet.

I rarely picked orange lip color,
but this time is different.
I found many reviews raving for the It Brown Orange
for its royal look created by this color.
Let's remember what is the Ink Airy Velvet again:

And the latest color range:

Packaging and the box is usually followed the real color.

The packaging comtains the same box as any other lip tint version.

But there is one differences than the old color version.
The new color has sweet candy scent!
Everyone, this is scented...
And it will disappear after a while, thankfully.
Doesn't have taste, though.
Same as Peripera's other lip tint,
it will stain my lips once rubbed.

Peripera Ink Airy Velvet #06 It Brown Orange

It Brown Orange is as its name suggested.
A red brown-orange color that will suit mature look.

Brush looks the same as the old color.

Bright color

Easily creates gradation, the same as the old color.
And it will settle on my lips, no heavy / sticky feelings.
That's why I'm so in love with this Ink Airy Velvet range,
more than the previous Ink the Velvet, for its lighter finish.

I didn't buy much orange lipstick before.
It doesn't look good on me because it is too bright.
But this one is different.
It has more red tone than orange and is very wearable.
Despite the bold color, I do like this color a lot.
I might wear it every time I go to a party or wanted
a mature and gorgeous look.

Peripera Ink Airy Velvet #10 Dry Rose Brown

Dry Rose Brown has purple-ish tone in it.
It is purple brown pink color or lean to mauve.
Surprisingly, it is bolder than what I've thought.
A bold color that is not exactly MLBB for me.
This color is creamier and causing it feels heavier than other color.
It is hard to create gradation with Dry Rose Brown depend on the product alone.

Dry Rose Brown color is almost similar to Innisfree Real Fit Lipstick #10.
But Innisfree is more dark purple-ish than Peripera.
Although the two will look the same when
I put Dry Rose Brown bold for a 3-4 swipes.

I think all fall / winter color have brown undertone,
compared to spring / summer 2017 bright and colorful colors.
It is unique and suit fall season so much.
Although we don't have fall season here,
these colors will suit every mood I have.

Comparison of the two colors:

And comparing them with the previous color:

I think no.2 & 5 have similar red in it.
While 06 is the only one with orange tone.
No.10 looks almost same with 05, slightly purple-ish.

Between 4 colors, I chose no.02 to brighten my face
and no.05 for MLBB safe color.
Doesn't mean I dislike no.6 though.
I like it too but not for my skintone.
I feel my skin became yellow-er when I wore it.
 Meanwhile, no.10 is too sticky & heavy,
it is hard to create gradation from it.

+ A long staying power lip tint.
+ Not too expensive.
+ No.6 is perfect for royal look.
+ Moisturizing.
+ Suitable for autumn feelings, mostly brown.
+ No.6 is very light and doesn't feel like wearing anything.
+ Now comes with a better scent if you don't like the previous smell & taste.
+ Airy Ink is supposed to create an easy gradation. I don't know what's wrong with #10.
- No.10 is too heavy as an Airy lip tint.
- Color variation is too bold for me who like natural color lips.

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