Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Innisfree Jeju Color Picker 2017 Summer Contouring Kit

I bought the Flower Blusher from Jeju Color Picker 2017.
For review, go to this post.
There is a brief introduction about this year's Innisfree limited item in the previous post.
Summer Contouring Kit consists of pore blurring primer,
highlighter, and shading in liquid nail color-like bottle.

And, what is it?
Here is the introduction:

1. Blur Primer
Smooth the pores and skin irregularities and care for the water. Blur primer that makes the skin smooth.

2. Cream Highlighter
Micro-pearl powder is placed in the area where the nose and eyes are dull. A refreshing creamy highlighter.

3. Cream Shading
Creamy texture that blends smoothly without flaking. Naturally corrects facial contour.

I didn't know why I should buy this.
I only wanted to buy the Flower Blusher.
But there was no pink blusher.
So when I already transferred my payment,
I thought of changing it to other product.

I didn't have any cream shading before.
So I thought trying the Contouring Kit would be alright.
About how to use:

Step 1: Apply approriate amount of blur primer to troubled areas such as large pore and oil.
Step 2 : After using foundation, apply cream highlighter lightly and spread to create three-dimensional.
Step 3 : Apply cream shading lightly as a dot to the area where you want to shade.


Let's taste the product!

Beautiful packaging.
I also bought Innisfree Flower Blusher #1 & #3.
Then I got the bonus of Etude House Color in Liquid Lips Juicy RD305.
It's good because I haven't tried the Color in Liquid Lips.
But the sample packaging doesn't make me want to open it.
It will be messy.
And I'm not a person who use brush for lipstick.

Again, the box is blue!
I really love blue color.
Moreover, if it's mixed in pastel pink.
From the middle side, all three bottles can be seen.

The box is already opened.
To place the three bottles neatly, I put it like this.
They're not heavy at all.
And even though the size looks small,
I only need a tiny bit of them to make it work.

The applicator is stiff, it can't be used to brush the product.
You need to use sponge or face brush to blend the highlighter and shading cream.

Swatch on hand.

Can you see the blur primer?
It is at the most left.
I think it smoothen my hand's pores.
When being touched, it does feel very soft and my finger can glides well.

Meanwhile, the cream highlighter is very good.
It doesn't enlarge pores and looks very natural.
The cream shading is also blended well on fair skin.
It doesn't look fake at all.
But people who have darker skintone
should consider the cream shading too light.
They blend well on skin, without creating obvious dry skin.
Doesn't have scent too.

First picture might be very red because I washed my face before taking it.

I don't have large pores so I can't review the Blur Primer. ( ⁍᷄⌢̻⁍᷅ )
But the area where I used Blur primer is very smooth.

Picture after using all three.

Before and after contouring. Three dimensional face after using it. Didn't use blush yet.

This is after using Blur Primer, topped with foundation,
then Cream Highlighter and Cream Shading.
The area around nose and outer side of my face were using the Shading cream.
While the highlighter was used on my nose bridge & top, under eyes, chin.

The first time I blend it all.
I only used fingers.
The shading turned up messy, someone noticed my messed up blended shading cream.
So later, I used my Shiseido brush to blend all highlighter and shading cream.
Below is the result:

After blending with my brush,
it is perfect!
They all blended well and doesn't create harsh color.
I believe the color suits my skintone well.
Note that the shading can only be used perfectly with a brush.
I once used my fingers and sponge puff,
but it didn't blend out well, creating obvious lines.

+ A three products all in one.
+ Only need little amount to spread it.
+ Doesn't have scent and my nose is safe.
+ The colors are suitable for me. Not too harsh.
+ Can blend well without harsh line.
+ Suitable for travelling because it is very compact.
+ Blur Primer smoothen my skin.
+ The Cream Highlighter doesn't enlarge pores and creating a smooth highlight.
+ Cream Shading blends well with my skintone. 
+ Not too expensive, but comparable with the size.
- Limited edition and will be hard to get anytime.
- Needs applicator such as brush for better application.

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