Sunday, October 22, 2017

Laneige BB Cushion Whitening 2016 #13 Ivory with SPF50+ / PA+++

I'm still using my last refill of old Pore Control BB Cushion from Laneige.
This time, I feel I need to buy something hydrating,
since most of my remaining cushions are semi-matte finish.
The Whitening BB Cushion picked my interest for its dewy finish,
and light coverage.
I tend to prefer light coverage and dewy finish for Korean's base makeup.

The Whitening version is for brightening and close adherence to skin.
It is more moisturizing than the old version, before 2016.
The Skin Fit Cushion makes skin look delicate and clear.
The latest version also comes in neutral or cool tone shade.
But since it is hard to obtain the cool-toned shade here,
I can only satisfied with the 2nd color choice in neutral tone, 13 Ivory.

New packaging case is expressing young, trendy sensibility
with the 3D prism color, changes depending on the reflection of light.

The box is also reflecting light.

It is said that the Whitening cushion is transparent and brightening skin,
while it have the lowest coverage amongst three favorite cushions.

Only a brochure inside its box because I didn't buy refill.
I thought of changing it to #11C later after finishing this cushion.

Color choices:

It claims about the long lasting brightness, moisturizing effect, and anti-darkening.
Thanks to dual-whitening care inside.
The technology maximizes the brightness and moisture of skin
by double-coating pigment with micro-sized pearl
and moisturizing agent and by reflecting light 360 degress
similar to a reflection plate.

I'm a bit sad I can't find the 11C or 13C shade.
But I think neutral tone will suit natural makeup better, ain't it?

Packaging is smaller than old version.
I hope the inside is the same or stay longer.
I think I can only use one cushion refill for 3 months wearing everyday.

Net pattern is a diamond-like shape.
Maybe it will be good to have more product inside.
The puff is not as soft as the previous version.
It is more similar to Innisfree sponge puff, stiff and hard.
Still gives cooling effect while patting on my face.

Swatch on hand:

Yeah, the coverage is low.
Can you see the remaining scar mark on bottom right side?
It doesn't cover it well.
For my veins, only half is done.
Color doesn't have too much differences than my back hand color.
It's just slightly yellow-ish.
But do mind that my back hand is darker than the rest of my body.
Moreover, when I went to mountain lately, it got sunburnt.

I didn't use a liptint here. ^ ^
The coverage is very light, it can't cover my veins around
my eyes (both panda eyes & under brow) and ears.

You can guess before and after photo.
At few seconds applying, 13 Ivory seems light.
But it will change to a natural skin color (aka. oxidize), see my other pictures below.
I have redness after bathing, the cushion doesn't cover them well.

And even though I thought Whitening cushion would be more dewy,
it did almost the same as Pore Control, slightly glowing more than Pore Control.
Not oily, but almost semi-matte.
I will buy lighter shade next time.

In a dark place where light doesn't reflect, the cushion doesn't give much glow to my skin.
Btw, my hair has finally grew this much without cutting for 5 months!

At the right picture, my hand skin color is slightly lighter.
No.13 Ivory is not a match for my skin.
But it is good if I want a more natural makeup.

But if I use my Holika Holika Nabi Cream,
my face becomes too white like a ghost.
I can't use it to make the cushion lighter.

Nah, I won't put Holika Holika Nabi Cream anymore before using this.
The differences with my neck is very obvious.
Or, I should use it on my neck too, but it will give stain to my collar shirt.
And yeah, I cut my bangs (because I'm into Japanese bangs nowadays). 
Cut it because of Yano Anna (anna_inthesea instagram),
always watching her on Kawaii JAPAN-da!!

I still prefer Pore Control for better coverage and almost the same semi-matte finish.
I thought the dewy-ness in Whitening Cushion would reflect light more.
It has light scent, not a problem for me.
By the end of the day and without primer,
the Whitening Cushion stays well on my dry skin.
Unlike Pore Control, which I should have use a primer before.
Moisturizing effect confirmed!
But people who wish for coverage, don't pick this version.

+ Gives a nice glow that won't be oily.
+ Doesn't need a primer. It stays well without smudging / melting.
+ Not accentuating dry skin.
+ 13 Ivory is a natural color, which doesn't become too light on my fair skin.
+ Lightweight and not greasy.
+ The scent is not too strong and will disappear for a few seconds.
+ Blend well without too much patting.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry skin.
+ Brighten up face without too much redness.
- Expensive than most cushions.
- Not giving much dewy-ness.
- Coverage is very light.
- Puff changed to a stiff one.
- Oxidized.

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