Saturday, October 7, 2017

Canmake Day & Night Treatment Lip Scrub キャンメイク デイ&ナイト トリートメントリップスクラブ

My lips is very dry, to the point of bleeding.
It often bleeds during holiday, when I don't apply lipstick / lipbalm.
I always have those since high school, and it is hurting a lot.
In order to take care more of my lips,
I decided to buy a lip scrub.
It will remove dead skin cells on my lips.

How to use:
- Apply a small amount to your finger, then gently massage into your lips.
- Gently wipe off any excess scrub with a tissue, or wash off with water.
- After using it as a scrub, can also leave it on a bit longer as a lip mask.

A lip mask!?
That also doubles the quality.
Of course I love it, if it can make my lips very smooth in no time.

The packaging contains baby face on the plastic case.
It is cute and reminds me of
another Japanese brand that using baby, Baby Pink, Ettusais, etc.
It comes in a tube type, similar to a lipgloss.

And has sweet vanilla scent.
Be sure not to lick it though, this is not a food.
The scent is a bit strong, but I think it is not a problem for me.
I usually hate any scented product.
But I can bear using a scented lip scrub.

Sorry, no picture of my lips.
I used my hand to describe the scrub.
My hand is smoother after applying this product.
But some dead skin is still there.

The texture is oily, so you will find your lips become smoother by it.
But it can be removed well with water.
It helps reducing dead skin cells on my lips.
Just be sure to scrub harder for better result, but be careful not to hurt lips too.
Meanwhile, for smoother lips, I think should use it as a lip mask too.

So on the next attempt, I leave the scrub for 10 mins.
It doesn't help maintaining smoother lips,
just scrubbing dead skin.
Overall, I don't think I will buy this the second time.
I only need to apply a little of it,
 and it doesn't help moisturizing my dry lips.
This is not what I've sought in a lip scrub.
This product doesn't work on my very dry lips,
that will get blisters once it is too dry.

+ Helps removing dead skin cells on lips.
+ The oily liquid can be removed well with water, doesn't leave sticky feelings.
+ Cheap and can be applied in little amount.
+ Sweet vanilla scent that is not overwhelming.
+ The tube type is hygienic to bring around rather than lipbalm-like packaging.
- Must scrub hard and the potential to hurt lips is high.
- Does not moisturize my lips.
- Must remove it after scrubbing and it needs more work.

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