Thursday, September 28, 2017

Innisfree Jeju Color Picker 2017 Flower (Petal) Blusher #1 Sunny Hydrangea, #2 Thickly Pink Hydrangea, #3 Fragrant Hydrangeas

I was eye-ing Innisfree Jeju Color Picker blusher for months.
Ever since it was released on July 2017.
I finally able to find an online store with ready stock.
I didn't have to wait for months more to grab the Flower Blusher.
Sadly, no.2 was out of stock in most ready online seller.
 First introduced as limited Jeju Color Picker,
but it is already an official item on website.
I'll try to find the pink blush and update it here as soon as I grab it.
UPDATE : On Nov 9th, added no.2 color.

Jeju Color Picker 2017 consists of Flower Blusher, Contouring Kit,
Corrrecting Kit, Flower Cotton Ink for lips,
Blooming Highlighter, and Flower Real Nail Color.
I didn't have any interest on the correcting kit,
nail color, and highlighter.
But I was so indulged in the water blusher.

Jeju Color Picker finds color hidden in the beautiful nature of Jeju.
Innisfree has a unique journey through makeup
and thought the most beautiful color was in the nature of Jeju.

In 2015, the Gimnyeong Sea, the second journey
to the Sanggumbil aqueduct in 2016,
is a beautiful village with hydrangeas and a vigorous hydrangea road. 

I once know about ADDICTION's blusher
that looks like nail color, Cheek Polish.
Or, search for review in Japanese language アディクション チークポリッシュ.
The shipment for nail color is strict.
Some online sellers can't ship them casually.
But I believe Korean makeup can be shipped here,
easier than purchasing a Japanese nail color-like packaging.
Of course, with cheaper price than ADDICTION.

For color variations, these Flower Blusher has 3:

The picture above is a bit misplaced.
According from left to right picture:
1. Sunny Hydrangea
3. Fragrant Hydrangeas
2. Thickly Pink Hydrangea


I was so interested in Flower Blusher
to the extent of buying all of them!
Never been so moved by a limited edition before...
Since I can't find no.2, I think of giving up.

Looking at the picture,
Innisfree Flower Blusher has watery texture.
The dewy finish can be made by it.


1. Petal-like clear color representation
The color is as clear as the petals on the balls. It is a blusher that expressed lovingly.

2. A moist water formulation
Water texture with a sense of moisture. It is expressed smoothly without aggregation on the skin.

3. With a fresh finish, last a long time
After application, the finish is smooth, forming a thin blusher film. Stays continuously for a long time.

I didn't have water blusher before.
So these products will be a new thing for me.
I once tried using Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint.
But I didn't like the feeling of using lip tint on my cheeks.
Somehow, I'm afraid the cheeks will be too red
because lip tint is supposed to get darker by numerous applications.

The box contains natural blue & pink color.
The hydrangea can be seen well on the left bottom.
Super love this color because my favorite color is blue.
Oh, don't mind me.
I just love all kinds of blue.

No.2 packaging, already born as Petal Blusher.

There is no difference in the bottle packaging between each color.
Innisfree's packaging is sleek, simple, and clean.
This time, it is inspired by nail color.
It derives the nature theme so much.
By the way, the left one is color no.1, Sunny Hydrangea.
It looks more coral and orange-y than the blue-toned red on the right.

There are two pictures here. Left is always no.1.
Below is no.2 alone.

The color is slightly hard to be differentiated by the bottle.
I must read the color's number on the back sticker.
Expired date is until 2020.
See pictures below:

Brush is stiff, unsuitable to blend with it.
You must put it by creating dots for natural finish.

Color swatches:

Sunny Hydrangea on the left is a bold coral pink.
It turns out more orange-y than no.3
Meanwhile, Fragrant Hydrangeas is a casual blue-toned red.
I can find this color in either Canmake Cream Cheek or any red blusher.
And the no.2 pink color looks bold at its drop.
But after blended, it is very cute and sheer.
The color looks similar to Eco Flower Tint #02.

#1 Sunny Hydrangea:

#2 Thickly Pink Hydrangea

#3 Fragrant Hydrangeas:

Once opened, it creates a strong floral scent.
But it will get disappear in a few seconds and unnoticeable for my nose.
Texture is very watery.
Must be careful not to spoil it when opening the cap.
The two colors texture is the same to each other.
Watery, slightly dewy, without glitters.
But I only need to apply in 2 dots on my cheek, or it will get too bold.
Staying power is all day on my dry skin.
Even though the texture is watery,
I only need a few taps to blend all of it on cheeks.
Easily blended by finger or sponge.

#2 Thickly Pink Hydrangea

Can you guess the difference?
I think, #1 Sunny Hydrangea color is a fresh and mature one.
#2 Thickly Pink Hydrangea is a feminine natural color.
And #3 Fragrant Hydrangeas is a cute and bold color.
It is often used in O-phero makeup.

+ An affordable nail-like watery blusher.
+ Texture is watery and easy to blend.
+ Stays long for the whole day.
+ Creates dewy finish without glitter.
+ Doesn't leave stain on my finger after blending it.
+ It will become bold after 3 dots on my cheek.
+ It has strong sweet candy scent but will disappear after a few seconds.
+ Only need a few drops to show the color well.
- No.3 color can be found in any blusher color. Not a must have.
- It will be very bold if applied numerously. Be careful not to drop the liquid too much.


  1. I hope they'll be available in stores soon! It's my first time seeing blusher in nail polish packaging, it's just uber cute! And the watery texture sounds promising tho, I got bored with cream blush 😂😂

    1. As it becomes a fixed range, maybe it will get a chance to be sold in here? I don't know, but Indonesia store is out of date. HK Innisfree already sells the My Palette range, and I just recently find it at BPOM website. Needs months before it is available here. The pink color is very rare.

  2. The color is soo nice! Is it possible to use it as a lip color too?😅

    1. I don't think so since the texture is very watery. It will slip easily