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Ettusais Cat Cheek Color #PK & Creamy Crayon Lip a CT #PK1 with SPF18 / PA++

These are the new items for spring 2017 from Shiseido Ettusais in Japan. After sakura theme last year, they came with cat design. Ettusais is popular for cute and pink-themed makeup, baby-like base makeup, with price similar to KATE. This is my first time trying their products and I'm so interested in the cute style for cat series. Oh, actually, by the time I wrote this, Ettusais already came up with a new spring sakura theme makeup. This one, it is a Sakura Face Color, which is also very cute!

Look, how cute is that? Actually, I was in lost to choose between Cat Cheek Color PK or OR. I love natural shade lately and pink blusher is not categorized as very natural for me. I usually use coral or sheer orange for natural look. But this time, the pink is very cute (how many times I have wrote that?) and lovely. Such a waste if not choosing the pink. Oh, don't forget that the price is a bit expensive for either the blusher nor the lip cream crayon.

These two came in neko (cat) prints.


You will be troubled to choose between these two colors.

This is made from a popular cat healing design and sold for limited time. The complexion mixed with shining pearl will make you feel like touching the fluffy cheeks! The powder fits smoothly on skin without scattering. The PK color initiated a cute complexion color on top of red pink, while OR color is a healthy apricot orange.

According to the image, the sheer color is for controlling, the pearly color is for highlighting, and the bold color is the main color for complexion.

The side case is description about the product itself, where the puff lies. The back side is an instruction on how to use it.

What a cute packaging. There is a puff below too, to use it in tap tap motion.

Video on how to use it, below from Saaya:

And Ayano for OR color version:

Because of watching Saaya introducing these two items, I got the urge to buy.... Ayano came with the OR version after my package arrived.


The pearls has sheer pink hint on it. The swatched on cheeks below, my lips is using the Creamy Crayon Lip a CT #PK1. I put the pink powder on my cheeks, nose, and chin as usual.

The texture is powdery and stay for long. It is very sheer so maybe not suitable for darker skintone. But Japanese packaging is full of cute designs! I can't resist it.

Applied in 3-4 tap tap motions. But still looks very natural, especially on picture. The pink color is very soft even though there is red powder along. After mixing all colors, they are blended well by creating a sophisticated soft focus pink, with highlight.

+ A sheer blusher for natural finish.
+ Has little glitters but not annoying or can't make pores visible.
+ The puff is very soft and easy to use. It doesn't give too much red.
+ The design is so cute so I can't resist buying it. There's a puff inside so it's very convenient for travelling.
+ Even after swatching more than 5 times, I don't feel the color is too much. It's good for beginners.
+ Doesn't have scent.
+ Can be applied in one color only, or using it as highlighter. But it's hard to applied with brush for separate color.
+ Can be used as eyeshadow? It is sure a multipurpose item.
- Expensive and can only buy through Japan PO.
- Doesn't have mirror.


CT means Cat?

What a cute cat ears on the plastic packaging!

The creamy crayon lip is a lipbalm type lip product. It is actually not a limited item such as the blusher. But this time, it used cat design on the bullet. There are only three colors available for limited cat designs, but it is actually have 5 colors for normal edition. With a creamy touch, this crayon lip can draw a slurpy lips and moisturized it. With rose hip oil blend!

Limited edition packaging has 3 colors. The PK1 is a favorite color, PK2 is used by hair makeup artist, and OR1 is an easy color to be used. Below is the actual color variation for normal edition.

It is a balm type texture because of its sheer color and glossy finish. Maybe similar to Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm but with sheer-er finish and without scent / taste. The bullet is a bit stiff, but after applying, it glides smoothly because of the balmy type. You know, I had been eye-ing Ettusais Lip Crayon since I made that Revlon review.... And then I forgot but finally bought it.

Swatches on hand and lips:

Why were there 2 swatches of highlight color? Because the pinky glitter was swatched when my finger is used after the pink & red swatches... The left side is the real color of highlighter. Forget it, this is about Creamy Crayon Lip PK1.

+ The finishing is like a lipbalm and has glossiness.
+ Doesn't accentuate dry lips.
+ Moisturizing lips.
+ The crayon type is very easy to use.
+ Doesn't have scent / taste.
+ The bullet is quite strong, unlike Mamonde Creamy Tint Color Balm #4
+ Gives a pretty soft pink color on lips, almost looks like my own lip color.
+ Feels light on lips.
+ Glides smoothly on lips without being rough / heavy, just like applying lipbalm.
- Expensive and only sold in Japan.
- Doesn't stay for long because it is a lipbalm.

Oh my, now, I'm interested for this Sakura Face Color:

This face color is used to brighten up complexion with highlighter, erasing dullness with pink powder. I'm not using powder nowadays so I'm a bit confused to buy this one. But don't you think you need the case in one of your shelf? Forget it, I bought this one in the end! Stay tune for Ettusais Sakura Face Color review.

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