Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Canmake Secret Color Eyes #02 Sweet Fairy

Canmake again. I don't know how many post I've written about Canmake...
It is Secret Color Eyes. It is not a usual eyeshadow, but is used to enhance eyes features so it looks like a Eurasian mix face.
I was waiting for long so this range would be coming here. But it doesn't. So I bought through PO.
This item is very popular last year since Eurasian look is booming around Japanese model & actress.

 There are two variations from this range. #01 Romantic Doll is for warm-toned complexions and #02 Sweet Fairy is for cool-toned complexions.
I chose #02 because my skintone will suit pink more than warm red.

Crystal jewelry-like plastic case. This is very compact and cute. The small brush is effective on putting the pink shadow on tearline.

This is not an eyeshadow, but powder that will enhance the natural color of eyelid.
There are shadow, highlighter, and pink powder for undereye to get Eurasian look. Below is the description:

Just 3 shades are all you need to get the Eurasian look of your dreams ♥
Red shadow adds a delicate tint
●Just adding a touch of red to the lower lids enhances the skin's translucence, giving you a pale and delicately girlish look ♥
The key to making it look natural is to apply it with a light touch ♪

Shader and highlighter enhance definition and make the most of your bone structure
●The magic of light and shade adds natural-looking depth and definition, as though these were the features you were born with ♥ We've focused on creating a soft, light shader that allows infinite variation in intensity, and a velvety-smooth highlighter with pearl microparticles that clings to your skin ♪

Even though the pink powder looks bold, it will turn to a sheer version on skin.

The powder itself is very soft without too much fallouts.
I love it especially the highlighter. The glitters are fitting to the shimmery powder and sticks well to the eyelid / undereye.
The shadow brown color is very sheer. Darker skintone wouldn't be able to show it off well. But it is what makes this shade creates a natural shading.
Then pink color is very cute on my undereyes.
Just put it with the small brush on the lower eyelid. Pigmentation is very sheer so I used in 2-3 swatches.
The pink just looks mixed with my undereyes, like it's a natural thing to have pink teary line..
But be careful to use only around tearline so it won't look puffy, but with this kind of pink, the puffy-ness looks like I'm just crying.
Maybe this is cute for Japanese?

Using every color. The shading is used to shade my eyelid and adding depth. The highlighter was used on the middle crease and aegyo-sal (if you know what that means), and the pink powder is used along the tearline.

Overall, I'm satisfied with this item.
It is not an eyeshadow as it is supposed to be used alone, but when I'm lazy, I can use only the shading color to show more of my eyes complexion.
Then use the highlighter on the middle upper eyelid as a topper. On undereyes to highlight.
And the pink on tearline. I am good to go!

+ A mixed of shading, highlighting, and pink-ish powder to create Eurasian face look. The highlighter is very good.
+ Cheap than most drugstore product.
+ Easy to use. The brush is also included and it blends the powder well.
+ Packaging is very tiny so it won't need too much space on my shelf.
+ The powder is not heavy. The three colors are very light and doesn't irritate my eyes. Instead, they are soft.
+ It stays well on my lid for a day work.
+ The finishing is very natural, compared to another red shadow, such as its Eye Nuance #32, or the eyeshadow I got from PopTeen. The pink shadow for tearline won't look too much.
+ The highlight color is very good at giving extra shine, without too much fallout.
- Not stocked in Indonesia.
- Shadow color is very light. It is not visible, but some people might like soft shading rather than heavy.

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