Monday, March 27, 2017

Shiseido Ettusais Sakura Face Color エテュセ さくらフェースカラー

Ettusais from Shiseido comes with a cute design glittery powder, the Sakura Face Color!
It comes with a mirror and a soft & fluffy puff.
The theme is sakura for this limited spring 2017 powder.
The flowery theme for spring is finally arrived on my face ^ ^!

Ettusais Sakura Face Color is a compact powder that clear pores and dullness by a single paint.
It makes skin transparent and fluffy like sakura!
It is recommended for makeup correction.

Fine leather puff is included to fit the nostrils.
Size is 90x150x18.8mm in 5.5gr case.
This powder is claims to brighten up complexion, highlighting, and erasing dullness.
A multi-functional face powder made of 3 soft colors of "flower beads", includes: sakura pink that gives a warm glow, a highlight color that gives a translucent look, and a beige tone to give coverage for pore & dullness.
It gives you an anti-shine, poreless, brightening up, and natural finish.

Front case. It has sakura sticker covering the whole case.

 While we're looking at the case, I think it is the prettiest powder in my shelf.
With only 1,500JPY, I can have this cute pink case!
Design is simple, but pretty.
The sakura sparkles are spreading on the case too!

Mirror is included with very soft & smooth puff.
Puff is white with pink finger hanger.
When being touched, it is very soft!
I don't feel afraid to put it onto my face because the puff is very fluffy and I like the touch on my face.
This powder doesn't have any scent.

Although it is recommended for correcting makeup, I don't have any problem to use it as normal compact powder with glitter.
Because it is not as obvious as a highlighter, or Etude House Wonder Fun Park Candy Highlighter.
The glitter is very small and only can be seen by looking up close.
Without lighting, the glitter can't be seen well.
Ettusais Sakura Face Color can be used after foundation / BB cream, or to be used alone.
But it doesn't seem to function as a highlighter, so don't expect much showy glitters.

The powder itself can cover pores, very smooth on skin, similar to Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder.
It doesn't show too much glitter even though I wore it at work.
Rather than creating a white face like Canmake's, this powder brightens up my face with pink finish.
But be careful, since it is not suitable as a normal powder for darker skintone.
Maybe it can be used as highlighter for darker skintone than mine?

This is the picture of when I used foundation below the Sakura Face powder. When I only used Bourjois, it creates dewy-ness, a semi-matte finish. But after covering with powder, it is matte and glittery. It brightens my face more with pink finish too. Sometimes, I don't need to use blusher.

And this one is without foundation. Just put some concealer in a few dark spots.

Staying power is quite long.
After a day at work, I can still see my face is brighter than usual after breaktime even though I only used this with primer.
But for the rest of the time, it will disappear like normal powder.
So I think it is not suitable for long time if I don't use BB cream before.
 Below is when I used the powder alone, with some concealer on acne & panda eyes:

Gives a nice shimmer in dark place.

And this one is without foundation. Just put some concealer. Since it is naturally a powder, it accentuated dry parts.

I used blusher here. But even without blusher, it looks healthy because of pink finish.

I don't like glittery powder for daily makeup.
But this one is very smooth so I can bear with it. And the glitter is very small.
Sometimes, I will use it as a highlighter too, even though it is hardly can be seen.

+ A glittery powder that won't be too much for daily makeup.
+ Doesn't have scent and nose friendly.
+ Cover pores and makes skin smooth.
+ Soft focus effect for face with good staying power on my dry skin.
+ Pretty design and have mirror & puff.
+ It is not too expensive for a cute powder. But it can cost Rp 250k++, actually.
+ Doesn't give me breakout like Etude House's Secret Beam Powder Pact.
+ Can be used as a highlighter, for darker skintone?
+ Brighten my face with pink healthy finish, not dead white.
- Only sold in Japan.
- A limited edition powder for spring 2017.
- No SPF.

There is no glitter seen in this picture, right? The powder can be used for daily too.

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