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Etvos Mineral Highlight Cream by Yusuke Kawakita

Etvos is a dept store brand in Japan, equal to Kanebo Lunasol.
The Mineral Highlight Cream is a collab between Etvos and Yusuke Kawakita, a hair-makeup artist.
Normally, I don't have any interest in using highlighter, moreover the powder type highlighter because it can damage a dewy skin finish on my nose, except if I'm using a powder on top (wait, I have powder highlighter from Muji and KATE).
If using highlight stick, it is good, but a bit heavy and hard to spread (see BEYOND Glow Finish Stick).
But well, you'll see why you need one from Etvos.

Now, have you seen the model's face in above picture? It's like her skin is glowing without powdery finish.
A natural glow and healthy looking skin, a bit wet like she just came from bathing? So it looks fresh on her skin.

Now, I'll give you one review from best cosme here. The review right there puts a better picture of how the cream type foundation is topped with Etvos Mineral Highlight Cream.
And don't forget that biteki is making an article about tsuya or glossy makeup.
Another article on biteki here is about creating half-lineage makeup, or must I say half Japanese-half Western.

Every corner of Japanese magz either online or offline, have reviewed Etvos Mineral Highlight Cream.
This is a popular item in Japanese makeup trend. But since Etvos is pricey, Canmake Cream Highlighter is more popular by beauty Youtuber / teens.

How to use? Just use it as a highlighter.
But be careful on cheeks point! It is used by creating downside triangle from the top of cheekbones to the smile area!!
Better use with the macaroon puff from Etvos, but nah... I'll just use my sponge or finger is already okay.

It doesn't have sponge, which is too bad.
The purpose is to buy Etvos macaroon puff.
But the mirror in it is very big.
Touch-up can be done by finger, right?
But on my skin, the highlighter stays long.

The case color is gold-silver and hard to be captured...

I know a Youtuber who is always using Etvos, Koto Mac. Already watched her using Etvos Mineral Highlight Cream since 2015 or so.

Koto Mac's channel from more than a year ago:

And by the model Nishikawa Mizuki or Mizukitty:

But I can only buy these days because dept store cosme is expensive!
Even though it is about Rp 300k, when being imported, the price is about Rp 500k for this tiny product!!!
Other than her, I haven't found any Youtuber using this product.

The cream's actual color is the one reflected on the mirror. Golden beige, with shimmer. When looking at it, it reminds me of a planet.

Know what? The texture is like my KATE Dark Night Glow's wet shadow or Orbis Eye Color in Book white cream shadow.
But considering the wet shadow in KATE is brown, it is not suitable for highlighting. And Orbis' white shadow is too pale.
Meanwhile, Etvos Mineral Highlight Cream is more sheer and light, in skin beige color.
The shimmer is visible from a close range on my cheeks, but it gives very good glowing skin from far, especially on picture.
It has no scent at all so it's good for my nose.

Golden skin beige shimmery & transparent cream

Where I put the cream is inside the red mark

Before and after picture. I only used Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation #51 on the left picture. The finishing of Bourjois is semi-matte, with shine on cheeks & nose. While on the right, I have put Canmake Cream Cheek #CL07 on cheeks and nose, then topped with Etvos Mineral Highlight Cream. That's why my cheeks are red. Together with Etvos, the glowing part is better. But on my forehead, you can see the obvious pores.

The highlight cream shows glowing skin very good on camera. Here, I used Etvos Highlight Cream as highlight color on cheeks, T-zone, chin, and philtrum's bone, while the shading color is from KATE Dark Night Glow #PU-1's wet shadow. I put the wet bronze shadow on my outside cheekbones to chin, around nose, philtrum, below lips, and on eyes as an eyeshadow. I used it according to Etvos & Kawakita Yusuke's Mineral Bronze Glow. He even used the bronzer on lips to fit the face color!

Etvos Mineral Bronze Glow:

But up close, you'll see some uneven skin texture. I got tiny acnes recently, either from stress or because I just consumed vitamin C.

I think the product itself is very good and is easy to use.
I love it because it creates healthy glowing skin.
And even without puff, it can be applied with finger.
But the shimmer is visible from close up range. So be careful because every highlighter can show up pores!
But since my pore is not large, my concern is about little acne around cheeks & nose during my period.
I now know why it is made by a collab with hair and makeup artist.
Because this product is good for photoshoot.

+ Gives natural glowing like it's from my skin without powdery finish (powdery finish can look heavy).
+ The cream is easy to blend, glides smoothly and easy to be applied without slippery.
+ It can be used as face highlighter, eyeshadow highlighter, or even gives shiny finish on lips.
+ The case is very compact and thin. Diameter is bigger than most Japanese drugstore product too.
+ As minutes goes by, the glow will be enhanced more. It will look glossy, especially from afar.
+ Have mirror so can touch-up, even only with finger.
+ Stays long on my dry skin. But I don't think it works the same on oily skin because using this is the same as using dewy finish foundation. But the result might differ if the base is powder.
+ The glowy finish works well either under low or high lighting. Most of dewy finish foundation only works best under heavy lighting.
- Can show pores like the other highlighter, but it'll work well even if used only a little. I like using it thick, especially to imitate Kawakita's work.
- Very expensive and hard to get.
- Have many substitute, even though the cream type highlighter is rare for Japan's product.

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