Sunday, March 12, 2017

L'oreal Micellar Water Moisturizing

L'oreal Micellar Water is just recently coming in Indonesia. After Bioderma coming here, everyone are so in love with micellar water cleansing. Actually they're the same as Bifesta Cleansing Lotion. But since Bifesta is not sold here anymore (too bad, because it is cheaper than Bioderma and works very well), I can't buy Bifesta anymore if not through PO.

I never had the chance to try Bioderma and thought it's a waste to buy the small bottle in high price. So when L'oreal Micellar Water came with almost the same price as Bifesta, although 50ml smaller, I considered to try if it will work the same as my favorite Bifesta.

Micellar Water works the same like Cleansing Lotion in Japan. It is water based makeup remover (it is usually oil based), doesn't have scent, and a bit hard to remove waterproof mascara. But I think Bifesta works good at removing my waterproof mascara. I only had a few troubles of removing it together with my real lashes. As long as I don't wear waterproof mascara everyday, it is not too bad for me.

Bottle is in blue color. But actual product is a transparent water, similar to Bifesta.

This 3-in-1 makeup remover comes in moisturizing and refreshing type. Because my skin is very dry, I need to buy the moisturizing one, even though many reviews said they don't have differences. It aims to cleanse & removing makeup, soothing skin, and can works even on sensitive skin.

The remaining cotton after cleansing looks like this. The same as my Bifesta so I have gotten used of it.

The size I got is in 250ml, smaller than Bifesta. But the price is almost the same as Bifesta Cleansing Lotion 300ml while it's being sold here. Texture is the same, just like pouring water to cotton. But L'oreal Micellar Water has a weird smell, not like it's really bad, but seems like an expired water/cardbox? Though to remove mascara, it doesn't hurt my eyes like Bifesta did.

I thought I need more quantity of L'oreal Micellar Water to remove overall makeup. But fortunately, no! I only need one cotton and everything is settled for good. Of course I always cleansed my face with facewash after that.

The result:

I was using KATE Black Feather Lash Mascara that's hard to clean and a lip tint. They were erased perfectly using only one piece of cotton. Meanwhile, the glittery eyeshadow can't be erased well.

After comparing them, I guess L'oreal Micellar Water can replace Bifesta. They have plus and minus things, but overall, their quality is near each other. I found it hard to buy Bifesta nowadays, after stocking 3 bottles of them for one year. So now that micellar water is in hype, I'm happy that I can get water-based makeup remover easily with affordable price and easy to find in store.

+ Affordable price. My experience of Bifesta usually ended in 4-5 months by using it everyday.
+ Doesn't give oil to skin after usage. It is like cleansing makeup with water.
+ Doesn't hurt eyes, especially when I removed waterproof mascara.
+ Gives moisturizing & brightening skin after using it. Same as Bifesta.
+ Cleansing overall makeup with only one cotton.
+ Cleansing makeup without rubbing, only need to glides the cotton on skin.
+ The cap is not pump type like Bifesta. So it is easier to use until the last drops.
+ It is said that only needs one step cleansing by using this type of remover. But I need facewash.
- Not removing all glittery makeup well.
- Has weird smell. But it's not a big problem for me.

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