Thursday, March 23, 2017

Etude House Wonder Fun Park Dear Darling Soda Tint #PK001 Sparkling Grapefruit Soda & #BL601 Exciting Milky Soda

Wonder Fun Park collection from Etude House is released for spring 2017. It has unicorn and rainbow designs, with the concept of theme park. What makes it unique is the eye-catching pastel colors of their product, not only in packaging. I bought the most favorite color in this lip tint collection, PK001 Sparkling Grapefruit Soda. And the other color I bought was BL601, Exciting Milky Soda. The tube color is interesting for me, because blue gloss is very popular in Japan these past years. But no, this one is a lip tint.

I wasn't interested in Etude's winter 2016 Nut collection. As well as the other collection after Berry Delicious. Well, I personally didn't like Berry Delicious' range, but I wanted to try Etude's eyeshadow. Meanwhile, the Wonder Fun Park collection is more interesting in term of color selection for me.
The picture said all color's size is 4g, while PK001 & BL601 is 3.5g?

I never had to try Dear Darling before. Even though many people likes the lip tint, I'm not a fan of lip tint itself because it shows too bright color on my lips. And my favorite lip color is nudy. That's why this is the first time I tried the famous Dear Darling series.

Dear Darling Wonder Fun Park Soda Tint is a glossy finish tint like a soda.
Has moist texture with high color pigmentation that has been melted.
Its fresh color adheres clearly without spreading to the outer line of lips.
With clear oil base, it presents transparent color formation, clears up dry and rough dead skin cells on lips and forms a moisture protection layer.
The limited color variations comes in 10 new colors.
PS: I'm interested in orange colors too such as OR202, OR203, and PK003.

01. Etude House Wonder Fun Park Dear Darling Soda Tint #PK001 Sparkling Grapefruit Soda

PK001 is like a pigmented lipgloss with vivid color. It does leave a stain, a little. But not for long, because the remaining tint will be erased if I rubbed it with water.
Grapefruit Soda is a pink-red lip color, gives glossy finish without glitters.
It has cherry-like scent & taste, a bit of it, that will disappear after a few seconds applying.
The scent is not annoying at all, but refreshing.

PK001 color looks similar to Etude House Dear My Enamel lips talk #PK004 but more vivid.
It is like PK004's color in a liquid for me because of the color look-alike.
Even though the name has "soda", it doesn't have anything related to soda. Maybe the sparkles?

The red-ish pink is not too much but still too bright for my taste.
Although it is a cute pink, it looks more to red on my lips.
After one hour, the glossy finish will turn to tinted/stained lips and dry.
But the formula moisturized my lips well.
PK001 might be good to top my Enamel Lips-talk #PK004 because of the same color.

02. Etude House Wonder Fun Park Dear Darling Soda Tint #BL601 Exciting Milky Soda

The name Milky Soda might derives from a blue milk shake with sparkles like a soda.
On the tube, the blue is silver-y rather than milky because of the sparkling colorful glitters.
The glitters are not too visible on lips, except if someone would stare at it.
It doesn't have scent & taste like PK001, but it gives tinted lips and stays longer.
The gloss color is milky blue with lavender hint because of the pink finish.

At first application, the lips color will be similar to the liquid color.
After it is settled, it turns to milky pink color.
And after it is dry and applied numerous times, it will be tinted red-ish pink.

Because it stays longer as a lip tint rather than PK001, I don't have to apply it too much.
I don't like bright red lips, so I would prefer PK001 than BL601.
After it has dried, the glitter remains together with stained lips.

Swatches of the two:
After it is settled and blended well, the PK001 doesn't change. Meanwhile, BL601 stained the surface like a lip tint, but still gets milky pink color. After a few hours, it will only remains as blue-ish red, without the milky.

Using PK001

Using BL601

Right : PK001, Left : BL601

+ The colors are pretty.
+ The finishing will be glossy for an hour or so.
+ Moisturized lips.
+ It doesn't have annoying scent & taste.
+ The applicator is easy to be used & very smooth.
+ The BL601 color stays very long as a lip tint.
+ Very cheap.
+ Doesn't give cracky finish even for dry lips.
+ The tube is just like a lipgloss so it doesn't need too much space.
- BL601 has glitter.
- PK001 doesn't stay long and can't be called a lip tint.

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