Sunday, September 25, 2016

Love O2O / Your Smile Is Very Alluring Chinese Drama

Love 020 / Your Smile is Very Alluring / Just One Smile is Very Alluring is Chinese novel by Gu Man. On this post, I only reviewed the comparison between movie and 30 episodes TV series since I don't read the novel. Anyway, if you're interested on reading the novel, it has been translated until complete here. This is my comeback to Chinese movie / TV series after the long serial Bu Bu Jing Xin season 1 in my campus life. I couldn't bear watching the 50+ episodes from season 2 though. And now, I have done watching Love 020 movie, but not yet with the drama.

From now one, I'll post the picture like this turn. The upper picture is from the movie, while the below is from the drama.

I won't review the story, but this is basic taken from wikipedia:

Bei Wei Wei is the campus goddess, who also excels in her studies. She aspires to be a game designer/engineer, and goes by the alias of Luwei Weiwei in the online role-playing game Dreaming of Jianghu. After she gets dumped by her online husband Zhenshui Wuxiang, she gets approached by the number one player Yixiao Naihe, who suggested that they enter into a marriage so they can both level up in game. The newly formed couple instantly hit it off, and undergoes many adventures together in game.
However, Wei Wei never expected the identity of her gaming husband to be her college senior, Xiao Nai, who is described as the cream of the crop in both sports and academics. When Wei Wei discovers his real identity, they have already fallen in love with each other. Together, they face many obstacles as due to their good looks, many are jealous of them. What would happen to their relationship then?

First, let's look at our heroine, Bei Wei Wei in online game. Movie : Angela Baby. Series : Zheng Shuang.

And in real life.

Of course that is from the drama. Meanwhile, the story in the movie is quite similar, except that Wei Wei's former husband in game. In the movie, it is the same as the newspaper jerk. But in the drama, it is the campus' beauty's cousin, Zhen Shao Xiang. I think Shao Xiang's actor looks very similar sometimes with Miyazawa Aya's actor in "Seisei Suru Hodo Aishiteru", Nakamura Aoi. Look:

Left : Nakamura Aoi, Right : Zhang He

The story is quite enjoyable. Even though the basic is the same as any romantic stories out there. But here, the relationships between Wei Wei and Xiao Nai really made me think "Please let them meet and know each other quickly". The CG is also good, thinking it's a romance theme.

And then, let's see the comparison picture from the movie and drama itself:

Xiao Nai, the hero. Movie : Jing Boran. Series : Yang Yang. Yes, in the movie, Xiao Nai aka Yi Xiao Nai He's haircolor is white. And in series is black.

I can't choose between them. Sometimes, I see Jing Boran's eyes and smile looks similar to Taecyeon from 2PM. This was found after I watch Taecyeon in "Let's Fight Ghost" and Jing Boran in "Love 020". Look:

Left : Jing Boran. Right : Taecyeon.

Okay, back to the pictures.

This character have the same position as the one who posted bad rumour of Wei Wei both in movie and series. But in the movie, he is the ex-husband of Wei Wei in game. While the series (that must be true to the novel) is just a language student.

The campus most beautiful person, Meng Yi Ran (in movie, it is another people named Er Xi). But they both like Xiao Nai in real life. Movie : Mao Xiao Tong. Series : Ma Chunrui. In the series, she is the cousin of Wei Wei's ex-husband in game, which also made her a rich girl.

In series, this is the actual ex-husband of Wei Wei (game). Zhen Shao Xiang : Zhang He, the one which is similar with Nakamura Aoi.

How Wei Wei gets divorced on both the movie and series. Scenery is heaven.

Last scene in movie and episode 1 in series for Wei Wei and Xiao Nai.

Wei Wei and friends. Movie and series.

How Xiao Nai in movie and drama caught my heart. They just need to be quiet and every woman will fall for them?

Romance stills and comparison between movie and series :

Up : When Wei Wei look at Xiao Nai. Below : When Xiao Nai look at Wei Wei?

Kissing scene?

Warming heart scene

This is not romantic. But I need you to watch how both Xiao Nai catches our heart? Jing Boran's looking at Wei Wei to tell his friends that she's the one caught his heart. And below, Yang Yang winks.

Still more picture :

Game CG.

All movie CGs, because I haven't finish watching 30 episodes of TV series (still on ep 4) :

Your crush showed you to his friends. You must be shy and took your head in the plastic bag he gave you. And he will tell his friends "Stop watching already. She's mine". Thanks Jing Boran. You showed me a cute gesture.

Marrying in game needs more show too.

Just a nerd who suddenly helps Xiao Nai's company in the last scene. Why? Maybe it will get explained in the series or he is just and extra in the movie.

Last wish

Now, let's see more picture from the TV series:

Will they become couple?

The three friends of Xiao Yu Yaoyao.

I don't really like these two cousins.

Xiao Nai (on the middle, the smiling one) TV series basket friends.

Overall, this series has decent story. But the CG helps it to stand. It's only a heart-warming romance story so don't expect something big, like war in online game etc. They both played the game in order to become a game company leaders. It will be good if it happen to us gamers.

What I'm surprised is, it has been a long time since I watched a Chinese drama. And the male actors' style look up to Korean. They are really stylish and cute right now. As for the heroine, I might pick the drama's heroine, Zheng Shuang, because she looks more mature than Angela Baby. Their acting is decent and I don't have complaint. But I don't think I like their face. If I must pick, I'll pick Meng Yi Ran's actress, Ma Chunrui. I think she's really the prettiest. It's just my opinion.

Anyway, I'm sorry this looks more like a photo album rather than a review. Since I haven't watch the series until the end and there is nothing new to the basic story, I can't say much. But I'll keep watching as this series is enjoyable and the balance of comedy and seriousness is good.

UPDATE! After watching 11 episodes of TV series, I chose Yang Yang from the series as my favorite Chinese actor. His stare is piercing my heart! Even though he doesn't talk or smile, his eyes can flirt. And Zheng Shuang is very pretty. I love the TV series story more than the movie. It goes on too quick so I can't tell the relationships between Xiao Nai and his male friends. They're very funny. Be sure to watch the series too!

Already watched all of 30 episodes in 2 weeks!


  1. will there be a season 2 of love 020 drama?

    1. I don't think so. It had ended in happy ending.

  2. hope someone can translate the manga version here

    1. Also hope for the same thing. I translated Jpn-Eng but I can't translate Chn-Eng ^ ^!

  3. From where did you watch it ? Cause I'm looking for website with dual subtitles (chinese-english) . Thank you

    1. I watched it dual subs too. I don't think it is a problem.

  4. I watch it in 123movies and justenglish sub there..

  5. Ohhhh i really love the drama series zheng shuang is sure really prettyand yang yang wow they're perfect and cute couple.

    1. Yes. I like Zheng Shuang more than Angela Baby, don't know why. She is calm and cool, after watching a few variety show with Yang Yang. While Yang Yang himself is childish and spoiled to Zheng Shuang in real life.

  6. Season 2 please. For. LOVE 020

  7. Just finish watching love 020 at youtube...falling in love with them....i feel like i cant move on from their series...feel their love right to my heart....😍😍😍

  8. plz. Season 2 I love the Season 1 watch it over and over like 90 time even i don't speak chinese but love it, but still watching it over and over not board with the show, plz. plz. plz make Season 2.

  9. Yes, season 2 with sheng zhuang & yang yang plz!!! I love this drama & all their songs. From time to time, i keep checking whether there is any news about love 020 season 2.