Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint #RD01 Shiraz Red

Chateau Labiotte is a Korean brand cosmetic now focusing on a wine product. The famous products are lip tint, lipbalm, lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow although they have made many base makeup and skincare too. I think this brand became famous after Cheese in the Trap K-drama and EXO Lotto, though I didn't watch any of it.

 This lip tint is a long lasting tint product that will last for all day. The long wearing tint dyes the lips with a bold yet delicate color that resembles quality wine while moisturizing the lips. Containing Sepivinol or wine extracts. Gives deep color and moisture from the melting favorite wine.

Color variations:
Names were picked from wine series.

Mine is RD01 Shiraz Red. I picked the strongest color because red lips is the trend recently in drama... Yup, not because I like bold lips. From Suzy to IU, they wore bold red lips in their drama recently and were very pretty.

My lip tint is weird. The above box definitely said it's RD01. But look at the bottom sticker, it's said RD02 Nebiollo Red. Did I receive a fake? But I don't think so considering this lip tint is new to famous. Maybe just a wrong print. But I found two sellers in Tokopedia which sold the lip tint for only Rp 13.500!! Here and here. But they put on the description that the product is similar to original so definitely a fake. The label is also "Man Zi Miao".

The part between bottle and cap is messed up since it was delivered to me. Not the seller's fault, but it's because the tint is too liquid-y so it comes out after opening the cap.

It has wine scent, a sweet one. But it doesn't have taste once licked. The tint will give stain to my finger for the entire day since it's very pigmented and strong. It is also fast drying even though the texture is watery at first. But on lips, it will dry fast so I don't have time to blend the outer part. It gives uneven application.

The red becomes pink after blending. It has blue-ish tone.

Below is a video about this lip tint on Japanese channel (because this is also famous in Japan):

Sureero channel is presenting the lip tint in 9:50.

Gradient lips. It's still hard to remove the color even though I used as gradient. And by only one swipe, this much can be achieved. A very pigmented lip tint.

Bold lips. I regret doing it because it worsen the dyed lips. I still had red lips for 2-3 days even though I used my Bifesta & Kracie facewash. Of course my lips peeled off from rubbing.

As for me, I think there are more good lip tints out there because this wine lip tint is very dry for my dry lips. But I like the staying power. That's very good and the wine scent doesn't stay too long. It gives a simple gradation with little shine on bolder part. It's a decent one because of the dry texture on lips. And I need to use my finger to blend a gradation lip faster. But it will leave visible bold red stain on my finger. Also, very sticky. I hurted my lips when trying to erase this tint because it sticks too well. Overall, I won't repurchase considering it is very bold and I need warm water to erase the "too bold" application. This is hard to be used.

I feel my expression is similar to HelloRabbit here. Weird, since I don't really like her smile. I think the place where I used the applicator brush to apply the tint is where the color turned red.

This way, I used the applicator brush to apply on all lips. That's why the color is very dark. Be careful to remove the remaining tint on teeth.

Removing this lip tint might be the biggest problem. I used to rub it with tap water, but it's very hard to removed. Since my other lip tints can be removed with only tap water. Using Bifesta Cleansing Lotion is also hard and must swipe a few times, wasting on cotton. Because it is so hard to be removed, I hurted my lips from rubbing with tissue and tap water. I need to write it twice, again! Because I was so mad about it. My lips were hurt and cracked for a week.

Left: Using the tint on top of lipbalm.
Right: Using the lip tint first then lipbalm to topped it off.

But! I found the easiest and cheapest way of cleansing the lip tint, which is using tissue and warm water. Not hot, but warm enough to erase it. So I need to mix hot & normal water to gain the warmth. I could remove the remaining tint easily with warm water and only 2 pieces of tissue paper. And another problem is, the tint is very liquid-y so when I closed the cap, the remaining liquid under the cap comes out and messed up the bottom bottle. A troublesome lip tint... That's too bad. But I'll try to buy another color which is not too bold later. Maybe PK01? I need to try the longevity of sheer variation.

+ Staying power is very good.
+ Nice wine scented that is not too strong and won't linger for a long time.
+ Beautiful wine packaging. A creative product. Thin & light to bring anywhere.
+ Looks expensive but the price is almost same with Laneige lipstick, cheaper a bit.
+ Doesn't give stain on glass.
+ Very pigmented. Only need a little bit of its liquid.
+ Easily removed with warm water & tissue paper. But it's hard to use other method.
+ Doesn't moisturized my lips well.
- Hard to get.
- Dry fast and the texture made my lips dry.
- Hard to create gradation. I need to use my finger and leaves red stain.
- The liquid can comes out from the cap. I use tissue paper to wrap all bottle.
- Expensive. Can be sold around Rp 145-200.000 each. But it will last a long time since I only need a little of it.
- Sticks very well on lips & anything, ex: fingers, teeth. Very hard to removed. I've warned you because I had tried using it on full lips earlier and the remaining tint couldn't be erased for a few days. Better to use as minimum as possible.

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