Sunday, September 4, 2016

Kanebo KATE Color Sensor Lip Tint #PK-1 Pink & #RS-1 Rose

"Sono kuchibiru, kesshoku grada" or "That lips with complex gradation" is the motto for Kate Color Sensor Lip Tint, or just call it Color Lip Tint. More information about this lip tint and how to use is on my other post. Actually, I ordered BK-1, not PK-1. But it came like that so whatever.. It is of course the seller's fault, but I won't complain or anything if it is still satisfying. I think BK-1 would be similar to RS-1 anyway so I don't care much. To be truth, I don't care what color I'll buy since it all looks the same to me and I can't choose between BK-1, RD-1 or PK-1 so I'm glad it is PK, a lighter color than RS because it will be good to mix them. This is the first lip product I owned from Kate brand, though I have bought a few of its makeup lines. I bought this together with the eyeshadow, Dark Night Glow.

First, I will talk about the tube. It has Kate's logo with the same color as the lip tint. It's good to differentiate them by looking at the logo. The tube is in piano black plastic case, in rectangular shape (a piano?). I mean, Kate has fabulous and glamorous theme, so of course a piano black color is suitable for their product. Below the case, it has a sticker with its shade's name. So again, don't worry to pick the right color because there's also a sticker.

01. Kate Color Lip Tint #RS-1 Rose

This is the color that Kuroki Meisa wore in the ads pict for lip tint range. In the advertisement picture for Dark Night Glow, she used BE-1. But I think beige is too dull for me so I chose red shade. RS means rose so the shade is a mixed between berry red and bloody red. At least it is the color that comes out in Kuroki Meisa's picture and almost the true color in real. I think rose shade is popular lately in Korea too, with deeper and brown-ish color rather than purple-ish & red Japanese rose.

The tint doesn't have taste & scent, so it's alright for me since I don't prefer a tasted lip product. Sometimes, a strong scent might tickled my nose or a strong taste won't be delicious.

Swatches on lips, the swatch on hand will be later with PK-1:

It gives me tinted lips even after washing with water so I recommend this shade. Also, it doesn't look too much bold with a pretty gradation. It was easy to create an gradation lips with KATE's way of use like on the ads.

02. Kate Color Lip Tint #PK-1 Pink:

PK-1 is a sheer blue-ish pink. I think the shade is similar to L'oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire #101 Rose Melody, but with darker pink although not too blue-ish like #102 Rose Finale.

The texture is the same as RS-1, similar to L'oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire but slightly heavier like a gloss (but of course still lighter than lipgloss). As for tinted lips, PK-1 doesn't give me tinted lips after washing with water like RS-1 does. And it's hard to do gradation with PK-1 since it's very sheer. The bolder color, which is supposed to be in the middle lips, won't be visible because the pink is very light & soft.

Swatches for both colors:

PK-1 leans on coral pink on my hand. But it doesn't look coral at all on my lips at below picture right? Still gives shimmers after rubbing with soap. Yes, it does have little shimmery & glossy finish.

Swatches on lips:

I do think it is similar with L'oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire #101.

Later, I tried to mix both color. RS-1 in the inner lips and PK-1 on the whole lips. It looks like a great gradation now (so I need to buy two?). Although dark shade can be used in gradation easier than lighter shade.

+ A tinted shimmery gloss that is lighter than a lipgloss but heavier than a lip tint. The shimmer is very small and unnoticeable though.
+ Staying power is good for both lip tint as long as you don't rub it. Greater for RS-1.
+ Doesn't have scent & taste.
+ Moisturized lips well.
+ Doesn't accentuate lip lines.
+ The applicator brush is like a cone. Easy to applied on inner lips.
+ Not heavy on lips. Slightly lighter than a lipgloss.
+ Doesn't have taste and scent.
- A bit hard to create gradation with PK-1 (and maybe OR-1 & BE-1).
- Lighter shade can be washed off with water.
- Hard to find it here & expensive, similar to Laneige Two Tone Lip Bar.

BONUS : A rare chance when PK-1 created a gradation. Satisfied with this lip tint.


  1. Is the texture similar with Laneige Water Drop Tint? (as I know Laneige has withdraw some of their product from shelves) Becoz I think Laneige Water Drop Tint has great formula for a tinted-gloss product; it leaves a nice stain but with moisturized feeling.

    | Yuanita for eyecandyforladies |

    1. I never tried Laneige Water Drop Tint before. But the feeling is similar to a lipgloss, slightly lighter. Can be sticky but it leaves a bit of stain even though the gloss has disappeared. Although not staining hard like a usual Korean lip tint. The tint lasts like Canmake Lip Tint Syrup.

      I think the application & texture is a bit similar to L'oreal Shine Caresse Lip Tint, but there's slightly differences.