Thursday, September 1, 2016

Kanebo KATE Dark Night Glow #PU-1

Dark Night Glow is the latest eyeshadow from KATE for Autumn & Winter 2016 trend. As usual, the color variation from KATE eyeshadow range is all about brown. Even though I bought the purple (PU) color, it doesn't look too colorful. Instead, it has brown hue from the gradation created. Dark Night Glow's theme is about wet shadow. It means to create glossy eyes. For more information about this eyeshadow on how to use, shade, etc. you can refer to my previous post.

As I have said earlier, Dark Night Glow created glossy finish eyeshadow with its wet eyeshadow base. And the base is truly wet. It is a similar texture with Orbis Eye Color in Book's white base, not powdery but creamy.

PU-1 is a sexy and elegant purple color. Even though purple might not be suitable for daily makeup, but KATE has it different. The purple eyeshadow mixed with red-brown cream base (wet shadow base A) and dark brown liner (deep color D) can create a natural color overall. Moreover, the highlight color (B) on PU-1 is orange-y brown. It will hide the pink-purple (C) very well.

The back of the case. The wet shadow pattern is there!

Open up. The base color is wet, right? Too bad doesn't have mirror like Brown Shade Eyes.

It's rather hard to put C boldly because it's very sheer. On this picture, all shades were being swatched 3 times except C for 4-5 times.

Swatch on eyes. Using the applicator brush, I couldn't bring C to come out. But it has the pink-purple hue on it, right? This is my first attempt. The lining color D looks ugly because it's too bold. On both haruxnyan & Mii-chan's video, they were both using brushes and the color came out well.

It's mostly brownish A because I used it on top in the middle corner. I'm glad because it looks natural like my Brown Shade Eyes #BR-3.

Video of haruxnyan using BR-1 & Color Sensor Lip Tint RS-1:

Video of Mii-chan (greenchan) using PK-1 & Color Sensor Lip Tint RS-1:

And the 2nd attempt using different brushes:

I didn't put the base on top of middle corner eyes to bring the purple out.

I like using my own brush for color C because it will come out greater than using KATE's tip brush. Of course because C is the main color, right? In my first attempt, because I was using KATE's brush, the B turned out as the main color.

I took these two pictures from above so the eyeshadow couldn't be seen. Well, it's still made my eyes bigger rather than not wearing one.

This eyeshadow is sheer and the purple shade is cute. It's not lavender or deep purple, but more to pink. Staying power is of course good than Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar and Daiso Ellefar Pearl in Eyeshadow. I think those two are the only eyeshadows with bad staying power I have for now. The glitter doesn't fall much so it's very good, like Brown Shade Eyes.

But there are many glitters so for those who like matte, this won't do. Even the Japanese people will think twice for the glitters. I have read a comment in haruxnyan video that one of them said about too much glitters in KATE's eyeshadow. As of me, the glitters are clean and doesn't get fall out too much so I like it. I think the glitter in Dark Night Glow is similar to Visee Glossy Rich Eyes. It has gold shimmers, especially from color B. This eyeshadow is very soft on skin, it looks like it'll stick the entire day. And I like a wet & soft cream shadow base so much ever since I found Orbis.

+ A compact & small eyeshadow palette and easy to bring to travel. The size is smaller than Brown Shade Eyes.
+ Cute & elegant variant color.
+ The shadow base is wet & easy to applied. Just need one swipe to bring out the color.
+ Not expensive. It's around Rp 200xx
+ The eyeshadow powder doesn't bring fallout.
+ Staying power is good.
+ The tip brush is soft. But I'd prefer to use it only for lining D.
+ Even though the main color is purple, it will suit everyday look since the gradation contains brown.
+ The glitters are small & won't be noticeable from afar. But it does have golden glitters.
+ Stick well on skin so it doesn't have fallout.
- Doesn't have mirror.
- Hard to find in my country. Still waiting KATE to be available here after Kiss Me & Canmake.

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