Friday, September 23, 2016

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick (Melting) #PK03 Anjou Pink

Together with the liptint RD01, I bought Chateau Labiotte Wine Lipstick in PK03 Anjou Pink. There are two types of the lipstick, melting and fitting. I think the melting one is a creamy type, a bit shiny and sheer while the fitting is in bold color and more intense. I do get interested in the fitting lipstick RD01, Malbec Burgundy too. Anyway, I chose PK03 because the color looks adorable and different from many lip products I have.

See? There are 8 colors of melting type. Even though the RD shades bullet looks bold, but this is the actual color on lips:

Melting Type Color Variations

Then, this is the color for Fitting type:

Bold, right? The Fitting type is like this.

I like the lipstick packaging more than the tint. It has another cap, which is the sponge to smudge/soften the outer line color so it will create gradient look. I found this interesting, but I can do it anytime with tissue paper? I've been using that method for a long time already. But the sponge is soft and unique, so let's call it a great invention.

Smudge sponge tip is soft and can actually work to blur the outer area.

Comparison with the liptint:

Lip tint is smaller.

From left to right: lipstick 1 swipe, a few swipes, lip tint blended.

I found the texture is similar to Missha x Line Friends Matte Lip Rouge. Creamy, a bit matte but has shiny effect under lighting and if applied boldly. Here is the swatches:

The gradient pink is muted than full. In real life, it has warmer tone than in the picture. The swatch on hand is more actual.

This is the look after using it bold. Very creamy, huh?

The lipstick doesn't accentuate dry parts and it is very good. But in some way, I feel it is dry if not used on full lips. Doesn't have taste but it has wine scent that is not too much, which is good on my term.

Gradient lips

Full lips

I found that using fully is more moisturizing than gradient. Because this lipstick is a bit dry, I would recommend using lipbalm first before applying either Wine Lipstick nor Lip Tint. I like the color and texture that won't accentuate dry area. Overall, I like the lipstick more than the lip tint.

+ Cute pink that is a bit darker than usual but still looks natural for daily.
+ Have sponge tip to smudge the outer line.
+ Design is cute and cool.
+ Doesn't accentuate dry parts.
+ Doesn't have taste and the scent is bearable.
+ Moisturized lips.
+ PK03 is still natural for daily look.
+ Can be used for soft or bold look.
- Staying power is like a normal lipstick.
- Hard to get & expensive.
- If not using on full lips, it won't moisturized the outer part of lips, which is on the gradient part.

Putting it bold and the color will look like muted barbie doll pink.

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