Thursday, September 8, 2016

The Face Shop Lovely Me: Ex My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint #02 Juicy Red

I rarely buy The Face Shop's product although it has store here. The only thing I bought before was the Lovely Me: Ex Lipgloss, which is similar to Canmake Candy Wrap Lip but with strong scent. The other things I've tried were the sample size of their skincare and mostly satisfying but also strongly scented. This lip tint is actually old enough, but this is my first time ever buying it. And I mostly don't buy a water/oil based tint except Etude House Fresh Cherry Tint.

The tube is similar with The Face Shop lipgloss, a little chubbier and rounder. Though I like this one more because it's more luxurious. There are three shades for this range, Juicy Cherry, Juicy Red, and Bloody Red. I chose the 2nd, which also my sister's favorite. Soft pink lip tint is not the trend lately, it's more about bold color, right... But I still love MLBB color ^ ^! Either way, this range is about cherry/red, either soft nor bold look.

The applicator is easy to used. Very convenient. Too bad it's always splashed the liquid tint when I'm trying to open the cap. Be careful to open it slowly so the splash won't stain your clothes.

The scent is a bit like cherry but it has bad taste. Bitter and sour chemically, I must say. I dislike the taste so much and sometimes, the tint will gives stain on my teeth because it's too watery and comes easily inside my mouth.

Despite that, I like the finishing. It's a bit drying, especially on my upper part lip (the darker part). But if I put more swatches, it won't be dry. It automatically created gradation lips because the middle part was bolder than the rest. I'm glad it's very easy to used. Although I hate the taste.

The stain stays for a long time and the middle part has shiny finish for an hour or so. I like to put it on my middle lips then blending with finger. The finishing will be similar to Berrisom Oops My Lip Tint Pack (which already expired for almost a year and hurts my lips when using that lip tint pack).

+ An easy lip tint to create gradation.
+ Stays for a long time even after washing with water. It will give red stained lips which is more natural.
+ The applicator is useful and soft.
+ Tube is transparent so the rest of product can be seen.
+ Moisturized lips.
+ Not expensive. The counter sells it for Rp 149.000 while some ol shop sells for only Rp 65.000.
- The taste is not good.
- The oil based tint gives splash when opening the applicator cap. Be careful not to get unto your clothes.
- If it's rarely applied, it will gets dry. I suggest that it is applied often.

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