Monday, August 29, 2016

Innisfree Always New Auto Liner #13 Log Road & #19 Apple Tree Road

This liner product is not only functioning as eyeliner, but also lip liner & blusher. Shade no.1-15 are for eyes, while no.16-20 are from lip & cheek. I bought two of it, in two types, for eye & lip since I need to try them all. I chose #13 Log Road because the brown color looks different than a usual greyish brown eyeliner. This one is more warm-red. And the other is no.19 Apple Tree Road, a peachy dark pink lip liner.

The picture below will tell everything about the function of this Always New Auto Liner lineup:

I think the glittery eyeliner can be used as an eyeshadow too after smudging it. And no.11 as a concealer!

So now, these are the pictures of my own Always New Auto Liner, in 13 & 19:

First, I thought I must rotate the down part of the pencil to retract longer. It can be opened, you see. But it has nothing in it. But then, I realize I don't need to do anything to retract or what so the pencil is new again. I just need to open & close the rotating cap, and it's already appeared like a new one, plus sharpened. I'm so stupid, sorry.....

As I have guessed, no.13 Log Road has redish brown color. It doesn't have glitter and that's what I expected from an eyeliner. I don't prefer glittery eyeliner since I can use eyeshadow and lining brush for that.

They turns out not smudgeproof. But I swear, the lip liner stays a long time if I'm not rubbing it on my lips. Although the eyeliner is standard.

And 19 the Apple Tree Road! It is a pink red velvet-y color, slightly bit similar with Mamonde Creamy Tint + Color Balm Intense #16 Velvet Red from far and if I don't use a lipbalm. If I use lipbalm, the color will be the same as the ads picture, slightly velvet pinkish.

I have never used a lip liner before because I don't need it. So the lip liner becomes a normal lipstick to me. Apple Tree Road is a cute red and it will be sheer-er by applying lipbalm first. See the comparison below from applying lipbalm/not:

The left picture is with a lipbalm. The color becomes pink. While the right picture is after I lose the lipbalm's moisture and it becomes red. If you can't see enough comparison, below is the picture without using lipbalm at all:

Which I said look similar with Mamonde Creamy Tint + Color Balm #16. But even though without using lipbalm and it looks like dry, it's still moisturized my lips. Oh, also used no.13 as eyeliner on this picture. Unnoticeable, yeah.

Put all 13 & 19 together. The no.13 as my eyeliner looks very red-ish here because I applied bold. Looking up close, it's the true color. Although it will look black if it was seen from afar.

Used all colors again. This time, also used no.19 on cheeks. Even by 1 stroke, it has created obvious blush. Sorry, because I like a no blush-blushed look, obvious here means it can be seen in real life. Although on picture, it looks like a peach sheer blush.

I'm inspired by Kim So Hyun's makeup in Let's Fight Ghost recently & her hair style ^ ^

+ Affordable liner & many colors in one range for different purposes.
+ The texture is easily glides on skin.
+ Quick sharpened without using any tool (I don't have a sharpener so it's great).
+ Long lasting although not smudgeproof.
+ The lip liner doesn't have taste on lips so it's comfortable.
+ A thin pencil/crayon type that's light and travel friendly.
+ The lip liner can be used as blusher & a natural blush only needs one swipe.
+ Lip liner moisturized my lips well even though the texture is dry.
- Hard to get since there is no Innisfree store in my country.
- The eyeliner can smudge.

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