Saturday, August 13, 2016

Kose Visee Glossy Rich Eyes #PK-2 Gold Pink

This the famous eyeshadow from Visee because the color variation is different than most of Japanese eyeshadow color. I think since Glossy Rich Eyes, Visee won't afraid to launch bold colors, though still sheer if compared to Western eyeshadow. The range is actually already launched since 2-3 years ago. But I only got the chance to buy it now.

Why is it called glossy? Because it produced a glossy (wet) gradient color to create bigger eyes. The base A color is glossy, smooth, and creamy touch. While B, C, D gradient color will create smooth finish and three-dimensional feeling, powdery type. Contains hyaluronic acid and squalane for moisturizing.

A is put on entire eyelid and inner corner on under eyes using finger.
Put B on big tip brush on entire eyecrease.
Put C on the other side of big tip brush on the eyehole.
Put D on small tip brush for 1/3 of lower and upper eye. Or create line on upper eye.

Though I put B on the inner corner of my eyes and C on the outer corner. And it's still created pretty gradation for my eyes.

And now, let's see the entire eyeshadow palette. The case is vintage black, like most Visee's palette. Doesn't have mirror. For PK-2, the base color A has soft pink-beige finish. The B color is slightly gold beige. C is mostly bluish-pink. And D, the lining color, is a glossy dark warm brown. The brush is not too soft, so I'd prefer using my own brushes.

Now on my hand and eyes. Picture of swatches below:

On the picture above, I used base A on the entire upper eyes. B on the inner corner of upper eyes, C on the outer corner of upper eyes & 1/3 lower eyes, and D for lining the entire upper eyes & 1/3 lower eyes.

And the second attempt, I used A as a base, B on the crease, C on the eyelid, D for lining 1/3 upper & lower eyeline. More gold color can be seen like below:

Which on is the best? For me, I like the first way of using B & C. If I put C (pink) on top of B (gold), I couldn't see B. Meanwhile, if I use the first way, I will be able to have a good gradient between pink-gold. I love the pink color so much in this palette.

The first attempt makes the pink color more visible.

What's best from this eyeshadow is, even though it is glittery, it doesn't fall. The staying power is really great for entire day, plus I don't have to worry that the glitter will fill in my cheeks. Too bad doesn't have mirror so it isn't travel-friendly. And the brush is a bit hard so I'd prefer to use my own Hakuhodo brush.

And this is what it looks like for the 2nd attempt. Mostly gold (B) can be seen.

+ A pretty pink-gold-brown warm shade that is suitable for daily or special occassion.
+ Doesn't leave fallout even though it is glittery.
+ Doesn't have scent & irritation.
+ Not expensive because it's a drugstore brand. I bought for Rp 215.000 online.
+ Can be build up to thicker pigmentation since the color is bolder than most Japanese eyeshadow.
+ Long staying power for all day.
+ Soft finish, leaving soft focus wet eyes.
- Hard to get here.
- Doesn't have mirror for travelling.
- The brush is hard & stiff.

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