Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Saem Saemmul Magic Gloss Tint

I finally tried The Saem product. I thought I would try their famous liquid concealer. But I don't need too many concealer (I have 3 now) so I tried the lip tint. It is similar to Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss though, change color to pink and darker following temperature/moisture. And by the way, Your Lip Only Balm already came exclusively in Japan, the lipbalm version, in two variants.

I think this product only came in one shade. A transparent gloss that will turn to pink. The tube is mixed of pink-white colors and very simple. Didn't have box when it was sent to me.

The applicator is made of flexible plastic. Thin, soft, but I would prefer brush for softer application. It has fruity/candy scent that will disappear after 5 minutes. I don't feel it's too strong so I like it.

Sorry, I was lazy to take more picture and it turned out blurry.

Swatch on hand.

On lips. Right lip is sheer-er because of messy application. ^ ^~!

It leaves dark pink stain after being rubbed on my hand. Of course the same result on my lips. And it stains a lot more than Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss so be careful not to apply too much if you wish to get pink tinted lips. If not, it will be very dark. The stain stays long while moisturizing my lips. But I do feel Saemmul Magic Gloss Tint is heavier than Canmake Your Lip Only Gloss. Overall, a so-so lip tint.

+ A lip tint that stays long for entire day.
+ Refreshing candy/fruity-like scent.
+ The gloss stands for an hour or so.
+ Simple thin packaging will fit in any bag.
+ The color will turn darker after a few applications.
- Expensive.
- The gloss is heavy on lips.

After some swatches, it looks like bold like this:

Picture of limited edition Canmake Your Lip Only Balm:

01 for Natural Shine Lip Complexion
02 for Clear Purple, a Blue-ish Pink for Cute Adult

Video for it below:


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