Friday, August 26, 2016

BCL Browlash EX Slim Gel Pencil Liner #Black

I have posted about BCL Slim Gel Pencil Liner in brown color earlier. The gel pencil is very satisfying and unlike Visee Slim Gel Liner, it is firmer. Visee's gel pencil is too thin for me and it's already empty for around 10 times application. With almost the same price, I think I'll choose BCL and it's easy to be found here. I bought the black version now since I have finished my Visee's.

I don't need to say much anymore since this gel pencil is waterproof, contains hyaluronic acid, and the diameter is 2mm. It is hard to remove, but I don't mind since Bifesta is able to do that easily.

I don't want the bullet to break again like my brown. So I didn't retract too much in this picture post. And guess what? I can easily draw thin eyeline using this faster than Visee. I like it so much! Either the brown nor black color.

It stays all day but with smudging on lower eyelines. This is a trouble for me, especially if I'm not wearing eyeshadow to hide the black color. The same as Visee though. But BCL brown doesn't leave stain too much like black. Overall, except that I should draw very thin line, I can't think of any other way to prevent that.

Definitely would repurchase after I'm done with both black and brown liner. I hope BCL is still popular so it doesn't go out of stock like Bifesta, Tsubaki & Kracie shampoo, and many Japanese products ever sold here. I can't find them anymore in store because it is not selling well.

+ Waterproof formula.
+ Not too thin so it doesn't break easily.
+ Faster application.
+ Not too expensive.
+ The bullet is long enough for months.
+ Doesn't have scent & irritation to eyes.
+ The pencil is soft when tightlining my eyes even though it is firm. So that I don't feel hurt.
+ Great staying power if not leaving stain.
- Must find it in special store that sells Japanese items.
- Because it is waterproof, hard to remove if there is a fail drawing.
- Same as Visee, it will leave black stain on my lower eyeline after a few hours.

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