Friday, August 19, 2016

Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar #1 Humming Coral

After Coffee Bronze, I will be reviewing Humming Coral. I bought this first but since it took 1,5 months through PO, I bought Coffee Bronze to satisfied my interest. The only thing I dislike from this range is the creamy texture can create obvious eyelid line on everyone, not only me. But if I didn't include that, Two Tone Shadow Bar is a decent and convenient eyeshadow.

Humming Coral itself is a orange-y coral shadow, mixed with glittery beige. The coral doesn't have glitter, different than Coffee Bronze, so it will suit natural blusher for cheeks. The coral shade also is more pigmented than Coffee Bronze. I only need 2 times swatches to have a vivid coral eyeshadow.

I also included the shade comparison with Coffee Bronze below.

As a blusher, it creates dewy finish. I could see the light on my cheeks upon wearing Humming Coral. I love it so much. And you can use the beige color as highlighter, but I prefer not wearing too much highlight on my working days.

Using on cheeks & eyeshadow. I used 3 swipes on cheeks and it was too much. The coral shade is very pigmented so only need to swipe once.

For staying power, as I have told earlier, it will create eyelid line even though I have used powder on top. Usually, a tissue will do but it will look strange if the line is visible when you're going out right? As blusher, it stays a long time too without smearing all day in an air-conditioned room.

This is what happened after a day. I had erased the eyeshadow on my lid line with tissue paper so it was already disappeared. The highlighter is still there though, on my undereyes.

Using Laneige Two Tone Shadow Bar #01 Humming Coral as eyeshadow & blusher.

+ A good combination between matte coral and beige highlighter.
+ Can be used as blusher too with good staying power.
+ Compact stick packaging to bring on travel.
+ Generous amount.
+ Gentle on my eyes & doesn't have scent.
+ Easy to use without brush.
+ Cute & feminine color.
- Expensive.
- The creamy texture can create obvious eyelid lines.

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