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L'oreal Blossom Caresse Cushion Tint / Tint Caresse B03 Peach Blossom & B08 Plum Blossom, Brief Intro to Osewaya

Since the first time I saw this cushion tint from L'oreal on Youtube in early this year, I've been wondering if it's available in my country. This cushion tint is famous with Blossom Caresse name worldwide, although it is named as Tint Caresse. Finally, I grabbed one through Blibli online site, even though it took almost two weeks thanks to slow delivery from First Logistics. Well, JNE only took 1-2 days before it arrived at my home, while First Logistics might took 5 days! What a waste. I should have bought it in our department store because this is actually available there. I think L'oreal Indonesia just brought a few little shades, despite L'oreal Japan have many shades and more interactive website with real colors picture. I was actually interested in B01 Sakura Pink, but it's not available here. So I bought B03 Peach Blossom (or Fantasy Peach). Meanwhile, I just bought B08 Plum Blossom (or Dark Plum) to see if darker color would suit me too and to try mixing two colors. I should have bought B04 Orchid Blossom to match B03, but it wasn't available in Blibli.

This cushion tint is very slim, like a pen case. The tip is made of a cushion and the tint is actually a powder. It's the first time for me to know this type of cushion tint. But although the tint is made of powder, it won't look powdery on lips.

1. B03 Peach Blossom

As you can see, it is very thin. L'oreal lip product is very famous in Japan so even the wrap has Japan language text. Although it's made in China as written.

Look, the cap has the powder inside it. When the cap is closed, the tint powder will be transferred to the cushion tip.

Swatch on hand. True to its advertisement color. A peach pink shade. But the color can be built up.

This lip tint is very easy to use for gradation. I just need to tap the tip on my inner lips. And the color is very sheer and matte, although it also has very clean, unpowdery finish. The smell is like soft candy and will disappear after a few minutes.

When not in gradation. The pink is very bold, more like fuschia. It has a little bit shine, but still matte and light. I don't feel like wearing anything on my lips. This lip cushion tint can be dry after a few hours, but it moisturizes my lips well.

On the left, using in gradation. On the right, without gradation. In real life, if I don't use gradation, this tint color can be very bold. And it stays quiet a long time even though I ate doughnut and drinking coffee. But B08 stays longer than B03.

02. B08 Plum Blossom

Although you can't see the text well, it's said Plum Blossom, similar to B03 text. Well, this is my attempt to try L'oreal lip product, so why not purchasing two of them? I don't need to tell you the same words like above, but this tip is also made of cushion.

Whoah! The color is very dark. I thought my lips will have very bold dark purple color. But, I'm not afraid. I will try it on my hand first.

What? Rather than plum, I think it's more to red. Uh, well it has purple hue, but more red. Can you imagine? Even after I washed it with handsoap, facewash, and water, the tint won't disappear for 2 days! It disappeared after I used my Bifesta.

With and without gradation. See? The color has more red than purple. It can be very bold and enticing when applied without gradation. But I also like to apply with gradation for softer look. For me, I like this color too, despite it is very dark. The finish gives of pretty lips vibe.

Wow.. I feel so much sexier with this B08 color. Although I don't know what it means.. Haha... Did you know that I used Coffret D'or Soft Glamorous Eyes eyeshadow #08 in these two photos? Even though it's taken on different day. I like the eyeshadow so much. But finally in the photo above (B08 gradation), I can capture the exact pink base color (color no.1 pan).

After the reviews for each color, this time, I will try doing gradation with two colors. See the below picture:

Easy to use. I put B08 on the center of my lips first. Then using B03 to fill in outer lips. A pretty shade for photoshoot. But I couldn't wear it daily, of course.

Great combination although unsuitable for daily work for me.

My thoughts:
+ They have pretty shades.
+ Easy to use with gradation.
+ Long staying power and a true lip tint.
+ Slim pen-type case so it is travel-friendly.
+ Sweet candy scent.
+ Doesn't have taste & light on lips.
- The shade available here is only a few of them.
- Some might think the powder is too dry. I can see my lips became chapped after some hours, but actually, it doesn't dry my lips in actual formula.

I came to like L'oreal lip product and finally bought the famous Shine Caresse Lip Tint. I will try them later. Yes, I bought two of it in shade #600 Venus and #604 Bella. Bella is famous in Japan Vloggers Youtube channel nowadays.

Osewaya & Oshareya Japan Accessories Store
This will be a brief intro for this store, opened recently in Aeon Mall BSD. It's actually under one brand, Osewaya. They sells accessies from earrings, hairclips, bracelets, necklace, and many more. You should see their online shop website here.

When I went to Aeon Mall, there was a 50% discount for all products. I couldn't keep my mind straight and bought more than 5 earrings/piercings, and 5 hair accessories. My sister also spent money to buy the non-hole earrings (She doesn't have earholes, and never tried earrings. This will be her first time she is very happy to wear cute non-hole earrings from Osewaya). They are made from plastic so it won't hurt ears too much.

I know they didn't sell all from the website. But after looking at the design, aren't you feel contempted to buy them? Earring is the only accessory I'm using, so I need more of them. Yup, I don't wear necklace or bracelet because they're heavy. Anyway, they also sells magnet pierced earrings in Japan, which is quiet unique. For country, some were produced in China, some in Japan, and some in Korea. They have different "made in" text. Price range is from Rp 28.900 to Rp 198.000 before 50% discount.

Also bought this to look fierce. Haha... The hook is made from plastic. It's okay. I can wear it sometimes. I'm still studying of using this kind of earrings. Forgive my red ear.

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