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Coffret D'or Party Coffret EX-1 Review

I'm so happy! My Coffret D'or Party Coffret for Christmas 2015 finally arrived on my hands. I have waited for more than a month to be able to grab it because it contains nail care. You can read about it and my introduction on how to use it in this post. I don't need to write about how to use its eyeshadow anymore. This Party Coffret contains Soft Glamorous Eyes eyeshadow in #08 Rose Variation, Premium Stay Rouge lipstick PK-293 (pink), and Nail Care Oil N. All in a gorgeous pink pouch of EX-1 set.

I was afraid if the set didn't have box and just being put inside the pouch. But Coffret D'or is generous enough to give the box too. And I don't know if it's from the seller on rakuten or it's given by Coffret D'or, I got two bonusses! I never had a chance to try any bonus from Japanese cosme because never bought big set or high price (*sad). Drugstore cosme doesn't give me bonus.

Pink box! The difference is only with plastic (above) and after unwrapping (below).

The bonus:

It will be the first time I try Kanebo Twany. Twany has various sub-brands, one of them is Twany Glamacy for makeup. One of the bonus is Twany Time Refresher T (I think it's to be applied before lotion) and Twany WT Clear Cleansing Clay, to remove dirt and sebum.

The inside of this box looks like this:

Elegant black box with sparkling gold ornaments printed. It's perfect to take a picture because it gives shiny effect. You'll see later.

Oh well, let's go to my review! I can't wait to tell you about this Christmas coffret.

1. Coffret D'or Soft Glamorous Eyes eyeshadow #08 Rose Variation

I chose Rose Variation because it has sparkling pink color as its base. I didn't have any color like this before. I know I have Peripera x Disney Frozen pink violet color and Canmake Four Shiny Eyes #01. But it doesn't have soft pink like this.

See? The lightning plus Coffret D'or box gives off a tingling vibrant. The goods are shiny.

Now, let's open it. I can't wait to show you how pretty the colors are.

Cool! I like the sponges. The bottom left is a tiny brush to line the eyes with no.3 shade. Yes, its texture is like a gel liner.

Swatch on hand:

The pink color is a swatch from the lipstick. Before that is a swatch from mini square pan (yellow-beige highlighter), no.1 pan (white-soft pink glittery base color), no.2 pan (soft pink gradation color), no.3 pan (rose-brown gel liner), and no.4 pan (the glittery dark rose color for smudging its gel liner).

Now, here is the picture of my eyes using it:

I know. This eyeshadow is very sheer and not noticeable. I can't see the pink base color through photo. I couldn't take it from any of my pictures. But I swear, the pink appeared sheer, but still noticeable on real life. The gel liner is surprisingly bold enough to create eyeline. And the no.4 color helps the liner to be natural enough for feminine makeup. I think the highlighting color is pretty good. I can believe in Coffret D'or highlight color to create plumping eyes (remember that I love how plumping my eyes are when using Coffret D'or Full Smile Eyes highlight color?).

2. Coffret D'or Premium Stay Rouge #PK-293

This is it! I'd like to try their lipstick and finally it came true. I'm interested in the theme of "no need to use lip cream but already moist and even though it's glossy it won't fall"-copy from my intro post. The one in Christmas Coffret is in full size but different packaging, unlike the autumn set mini size.

This lipstick has something like zinc material, but it's maybe a plastic. Well, the cap is sturdy enough it won't open easily. It reflects light, makes it very glamour.

The bottom up. Has Coffret D'or text written on it.

I think the size is big enough, unlike my Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge. And at a glance, the bullet is sturdy. I hope it won't melt like Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk or Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge (my pink & red shades are broken now thanks to creamy bullet).

Swatch on hand. Soft pink, but it's a bit red.

Swatch on lips. It has blue hue too. But in the exact color, the blue isn't this much. It's very light on lips, doesn't sticky, but transfer like any other lipstick. But well, if I don't rub it hard, the color will stay longer.

As I've said above, the color stays longer than I expected! Well it's a good thing. In real life, it has more red hue than blue. But I find it hard to capture the exact color. The shade is not too noticeable like the picture. It gives plump lips, but it will work well if topped with lipgloss. I think it's very good for mature woman (like me?).

3. Coffret D'or Nail Care Oil N

This is it! This is the item that give me a month more to wait for this X'mas coffret. I should have told the seller to throw it away if I can. But thanks to my sister's supplier, it still can be sent to my home. I don't know what would I do if I couldn't grab it. I lost my money and the two pretty items (eyeshadow and lipstick).

If you're interested about how to apply it, KALOS channel gives you a detail, although I don't know its real function. Maybe just to treat your nail with moisture.

Uh, I think the color is pretty good. But I don't know how to use it other than what KALOS introduced.

Tried it once before. Still, I don't see any direct effect on my nail. They should have bring some other set without nail product (Because I don't use nail product and the shipment will be faster). This is when I put the oil on my nail. After a few swipes, I need to clean it.

4. Coffret D'or Makeup Pouch

Yes! This is the bonus pouch from Coffret D'or. A big makeup pouch with its logo. Still very elegant for mature ladies.

I love it more than my Isehan pouch. It has more space and elegant design.

Love this set! Except the Nail Care Oil N. You should grab it. It have four colors eyeshadow and pouch for Christmas Coffret. I think I like this very much. The eyeshadow is pretty and glamourous. The lipstick stands out for quiet long without chapped lips. Super love this coffret.

Please bear my mountain of pictures below:

Makeup product: Etude House Face Conditioning Cream, Canmake Councealer Foundation UV #02, Coffret D'or Soft Glamorous Eyes #08, Canmake GOKUBUTO Mascara Black, Canmake Eyebrow Liquid #01, Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush #Rose D'or, Coffret D'or Premium Stay Rouge #PK-293.

Wish to pose like the advertisement. Still failed.

PS: Merry Christmas 2015 and Happy New Year 2016. Let's find more good items in the next year.

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