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ADDICTION by Ayako Powder Blush #34 Winter Blush

I finally ventured to the world of high-end brand cosme in Japan! After mid-end Kanebo Coffret D'or, I'm tempted to try ADDICTION by Ayako. It's actually a famous brand used by New York models etc. Their brand model to represent Winter Blush is Vanessa Moody. She's very beautiful! Her eyes can reflect cool expression. Back to the topic. ADDICTION produced their winter blush range. The no.1 representing this season blush collection is #34 Winter Blush, a non-pearl antique rose shade. I was attracted by the model's dark but fluffy pink shade. It resembles pink cheek because of cold weather so much! Especially when added with pure white snowy skin like its model.

This is the blushes range. Right click>open in new tab for larger image. S means Silky, P means Pearl, and M means Matte. This Winter Blush is included in M range.

The English explanation on the picture is made by me. How to get this look (I'm lazy to translate all words, so I'll write as simple as I can):
1. Use Skincare Foundation as base makeup (4,860Y). It's a moist foundation and beauty solution, create bare skin finish with luster. (end of base makeup)
2. Take ADDICTION Eyeshadow Primer (3,024Y) before using eyeshadow.
3. Use THE EYESHADOW (2,160Y each) #22 Dusty Rose (M) for whole eyehole, blend. It's a matte dark rose color, perhaps sheer.
4. And use THE EYESHADOW #12 Toe Shoes (M) under eyebrow for highlight. Toe Shoes is a matte cream color eyeshadow.
5. With Eyeliner Pencil (2,700Y) #02 Sugar Blond, fill in the inside of under eyes. The smokey eye look isn't perfect without black eyeliner. But they didn't write on the website. I think it's the Eyeliner Pencil #01 Blackjack, smudged on eyelid.
6.For eyebrow, use Eyebrow Pencil (1,296Y) in shade #01 Cinnamon and brush it with a screw brush. (end of eyes makeup)

7. Now we'll go to blush. First, using its Powder Blush (3,024Y) range #34 Winter Blush on the apple of cheek.
8. Then with the same blush range, #24 Fall in Love, a lighter pink than Winter Blush, blend the outer edge, especially under the eyes. (end of cheek makeup)
9. Draw lip line with Lipliner Pencil (1,620Y) #01 Ivory Coast, beige color.
10. Use Lipstick Sheer (3,024Y) #006 Day Trip, a coral pink sheer color, to the outer lips.
11. Use Lipstick Sheer #008 Poupee on inner lips to make gradation. Poupee is light pink, but the shade is darker than Day Trip.
12. Top it with Lip Gloss Pure (2,700Y) #005 Platonic for moist lips. Platonic is a nude pink, almost beige lipgloss. (end of lips makeup)

But why is her eyebrows looks like his?

Hoshikawa Amane (Shison Jun) in From 5 to 9 Episode 8.

Okay, I have explained how to get the look as Vanessa Moody's poster. ADDICTION is famous for its foundation, I think. And its "THE EYESHADOW". A Youtube blogger, Mikipon Channel (美希ぽんチャンネル), favorited THE EYESHADOW in shade #27 Sandcastles. She often wears it as a base eyeshadow, because the color is shimmery sheer gold. Well, I love the makeup in this poster alot! *Amazed by Ayako. You can check her instagram @onlyayako.

And back to Winter Blush. Packaging is all black without any other color. The box is a bit greyish, though, made with dove material. It has ADDICTION's logo on top. Big logo it is. Cool, huh.

For the case, rather than dove like its box, it is made of clear plastic. It is reflecting anything on top of it. I like the luxury grand black color for its case, but too bad it doesn't have brush. It will be travel-friendly if a brush is included. I once thought that it would be better if I buy the Blush Mix color range. There are three colors. But in the end, I kept buying my Winter Blush because of the poster! Uuurgh, I lost to Ayako's advertisement...

And! Opening the case now. The color is muted pink (rose) and little bit of coral, true to its description, matte antique rose. The blush is a powder type. But I don't feel it's powdery at all when I swatched it. It's more like a cream/satin type. Soft and sheer when it's already swatched on my skin. I was trying to swatch on my hand. But I need about 7-8 times before the color appeared. Although it can't get any bolder than this. Thanks, because I don't like bold blush. Let's see:

Now for the swatch on cheek. Similar to my hand, I need more than 5 times brushing to my face. But the color is true to its advertisement pict. I'm glad I chose Winter Blush... For this review purpose, I re-create Vanessa Moody's makeup by Ayako. But forgive me. I rarely studying smokey eye look and it's very messy. Moreover, I can't put false lashes even in these days! Maybe I can, but never tried it.

For base makeup, I used Canmake Concealer Foundation UV #02 Light Ochre as my base makeup. Yeah I didn't use any primer/moisturizer before. I was lazy (again).
On my eyes, I used Etude House Sweet Recipe Cupcake All Over Color #OR202 as base color, then lined by Bourjois Effet Smoky Pencil #75 Intense Black. The upper liner is smudged by its brush, and then draw the under eyes line with the same pencil. Put Clio Peripera Wholly Deep Liner Kit in ivory white color crayon to fill in the inner under eyes. I used KATE Black Feather Lash Mascara for more dramatic look. But it's a bit messy thanks to my not-adapted hand. Eyebrow is drawn with Canmake Eyebrow Liquid #01 Natural.

For blush, I used ADDICTION #34 Winter Blush, blended by Tony Moly Crystal Blusher #9 Pink Jubilee.
The last step is using my Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips-talk #BE101 as my only lipstick. It's perfect without a lipgloss because the finishing is quiet moist.
Cheated a bit to slim my nose with KATE Slim Create Powder #EX-1 and highlight my cheekbone, T-zone, and chin.

Don't mind the not-so-similar-pose. I couldn't make a pose like Vanessa and her unique eyebrow shape! I swear the color in real life is bolder than on my picts. Almost the same as promotion picture. Too bad I couldn't catch to real thing.

Rather than Vanessa, I keep thinking my expression with smokey eyes looks similar to Jennifer Lawrence instead.

Another sweet look with ADDICTION Winter Blush:

My thoughts for ADDICTION Blush #34 Winter Blush:
+ Soft finish.
+ Limited edition for winter 2015, so grab it fast.
+ High quality brand with many color variations to choose.
+ The color is not only perfect for famous winter pink flushed, but also for everyday look (or sweet cutey look).
+ Sheer but can be built up. Although it can't get any bolder than my swatches.
+ The color on pan is the same when swatched. And real advertising color.
+ Long-lasting! The color won't fade by hours.
- Pricey!! One color blush for Rp 370.000!!!
- Not available in my country and must order through PO.
- A minus for some people who dislike sheer color makeup.

Now I love ADDICTION! I might try their lipstick (Poupee or Day Trip) or maybe the famous foundation? Well, later. I like how cool their packaging is. While some high end Japanese cosme already opened its store here (THREE, Covermark, Menard, Kanebo, Shiseido, etc), I hope another affordable high brand can come in too. See, Singapore already imported Laduree, the most beautiful cosme for me, so why not here? Don't forget Jill Stuart or Paul & Joe too (I think Paul & Joe had came in Indonesia a few years ago but it's already disappeared now)!

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