Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A'pieu Air-Fit Cushion Special Set (Doraemon Holiday 2015) #21 with SPF 50+ / PA+++

Being as Missha's sister brand, I think A'pieu has higher quality in BB cushion. While Missha M Magic Cushion is good, I don't think it becomes my favorite. Simply because the finish is a bit drying. A'pieu also comes in 3 shades, when Missha only comes in 2 shades. In the end, my sister is the one who bought A'pieu Air-Fit Cushion in Doraemon Holiday set. It also have great SPF like Laneige. For more picture, go to my previous Bbia post because I won't take another picture for the case.

The shade I recommend for my sister is #21 Natural because I forgot about the similar shade with Missha. I think both Missha and A'pieu has the same #21 shade, lighter than other cushion (remember Innisfree?). Even though 21 is supposed to be natural, I think it's for fair skin. Overall cushion case is similar with another cushion case. But the Doraemon face on top of its case is very cute with Christmas accessories.

I have the right to try this BB cushion. For my sister, the shade is too light, but she can settles it with darker powder (oh yeah, she doesn't like glowing product because her skin is oily). But for me, A'pieu shade is alright. This natural shade has pink undertone, but overall is the same as my skintone. Finishing result is semi-matte, glowy on cheekbones. The coverage is low-medium but I still have redness on nose (due to pink undertone?).

Without primer. Definitely good for dry skin!

I choose A'pieu over Missha. You can compare the finish result between A'pieu and Missha M Magic Cushion. Both have semi-matte finish, but A'pieu Air-Fit Cushion didn't create visible dry skin on my nose. It sinks into my skin very well without cracked. This cushion stays well for more than 7 hours without cracked parts. With the same price as Missha, I definitely would buy A'pieu's refill later. I think their cushion size are the same (I hope).

Final thoughts:
+ Good quality cushion which doesn't make my dry parts visible.
+ Semi-matte finish gives glowing effect and healthy skin.
+ Good staying power.
+ Cheap! Very cheap compared to Innisfree, Laneige, and higher brands.
+ Covers well enough for normal skin condition.
- Hard to get because it hasn't come to my country.
- Gives breakout / irriattion to my sister's sensitive skin.

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