Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Dejavu Keep Style Mascara a #Jet Black デジャヴュ キープスタイルマスカラa #ジェットブラック

I own the Fiberwig mascara from Dejavu.
When I think to buy another, I'd prefer the different type.
Keep Style mascara is a waterproof mascara,
but can be removed with warm water.

The Keep Style mascara case is in red-orange color.
It is not as bright orange as the picture above,
it is lean on red and can be confused while searching with Fiberwig...
Indonesia website doesn't help much to give information
about this mascara.
So I translated from the back plastic case.

You don't have to worry about panda eyes,
because this mascara is waterproof.
It is a film type, giving volume and curl,
then keep it strong the entire day.
The film type will hold against sebum and water,
so it won't get removed by rubbing eyes.
But it will be easily erased with warm water,
which is very convenient for working ladies like me.

Packaging is the same with Fiberwig.
Made in bulky thick case.
The size is longer than normal mascara,
such as my Canmake GOKUBUTO.

The film type helps my lashes to be curled up the entire day.
I find it is stronger than Fiberwig.
And with my cleansing water, it can be removed easily,
even without warm water.
This mascara is very convenient and easy to use.
With 1-2 swipes on lashes, it will curl it up without much struggle.

Won't irritate eyes, and stays long!
It is jet black, so it will create more volume to the eyelashes.
Although it won't lenghtening much,
I feel the Keep Style is doing a great job more than Fiberwig.
I will like this more, to put it everyday when I need black mascara.

+ Easy to use and curling lashes in a minimum swipe.
+ Volume up lashes & emphasizing my eyes.
+ The black is not too much for daily use.
+ Stays long because the film holds lashes good.
+ Easy to remove with warm water or water-based makeup remover. Doesn't need effort.
+ Doesn't have scent & irittation to eyes.
+ Doesn't get clumped.
- Expensive for drugstore brand.
- Only being sold in a few places.

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