Sunday, June 24, 2018

Shiseido Senka Perfect Whip Cleansing Foam 資生堂 専科 パーフェクトホイップu

Senka is the brand of Shiseido, specialized in skincare and cleansing product.
It is a drugstore brand, not too pricey.
The variant sold in Indonesia are only Perfect Whip
and Perfect White Clay at the moment.
I bought the Perfect Whip in big size 120gr,
and can be used as makeup remover.

SENKA is a Japanese affordable highly-effective skincare brand
of cleansers formulated with Double Hyaluronic Acid and
Rich White Cocoon Essence Foam that is gentle on skin.
It provides contemporary women who are leading a busy
yet fulfilling life a valuable break to reflect on themselves
and pamper the skin and mind at the end of each day.
No. 1 Sales in Japan for 8 years*.

Perfect Whip variations.
The blue "Perfect Whip" is moist type,
pink "Collagen in" is giving elasticity to skin,
and the "Perfect White Clay" is to brighten face,

The Perfect Whip is more suitable for dry skin.
I often see clay ingredient in skincare for oily skin type,
that's why I don't realize much of the white version.
The Perfect Whip can create large foam,
but since I don't want my bathing time taking longer,
I don't use a foaming net.
Always use cleansing foam with bare hands.

The cap is very firm, despite the thin design

The feel is a bit similar to my old Kracie (which is not sold anymore here).
But Senka is more moisturizing!
Remember this, I love it very much in actual.
The feeling while using Senka as a facewash
reminds for an hour or so, which is longer than normal.
I didn't find oil to come out faster on my skin.
It doesn't feel too dry, and makes skin soft & comfortable to touch.
That's all without bouncing effect or plastic-like effect
given from washing face.
It's a natural feeling I felt while touching my face.

The texture at first is a cream,
then turn to soft foam.
Without irritation to my eyes & skin.
Has this sweet candy-like scent, but not too strong.

Moreover, the size is big.
I think it will last for a year to be applied on my small face....
Please also give me the Collagen version in pink too!
Because I need collagen in my recent old age...

+ A great face wash in foam type with soft bouncy-ness.
+ The after effect stays for long, creates a naturally clean feelings to skin.
+ Moisturizing for my dry skin.
+ Doesn't irritate eyes and good for face skin.
+ The size is very big. Affordable even with the price.
+ Doesn't have overwhelming scent and easy to wash off.
+ The cap is surprisingly stays clean even after squeezing the cream numerous times.
- Some might think the price is expensive rather than our made in facewash. But it's quite big.

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