Sunday, July 8, 2018

The Body Shop #The Night is Mine Winter Trend Palette Eyeshadow

To say the truth, The Body Shop is not my favorite brand.
I had once bought its Rose hand cream.
The formula is too oily, and the fragrance is too strong.
Definitely not my preferrence in a hand cream.
But since there was a 70% discount, I tried the eyeshadow palette.
This palette contains 3 colors eyeshadow, 1 lip color, and 1 highlighter.
The palette is a collaboration with The House of Holland.

About the product
  • Complete palette with 3 vibrant eye shadows and 1 lipstick, highlighter and built-in mirror
  • Apply eye shadow dry for easy blending or wet for intense colors
  • 100% vegetarian
  • House of Holland limited edition packaging
  • Community Trade babassu oil from Brazil
With exclusive, limited edition packaging designed by House of Holland,
The Body Shop 'The Night is Mine' palette features 3 dark, sultry eye shadows
in matte and shimmer shades and 1 lip color and highlighter,
so that you have everything you need to prep for the party.
Our palette is also cruelty free, 100% vegetarian and enriched with
Community Trade babassu oil from Brazil.

The palette was announced for Christmas 2017.
All color contains vanilla scent, which made my belly full only smelling it.
Either way, the scent is not obvious once applied on skin.

I don't like how it the cap is hard to be opened.
I must use nail to open it.
And even though there is a large mirror, it doesn't have brush.
The palette has minimum function, which separate them
with Asia's eyeshadow palette that includes brushes.
Moreover, Coffret D'or have two brushes!

The dark brown eyeshadow color is matte and a bit dry, leans to red.
I think it will be suitable for lining.
The two shimmery eyeshadows contains dark turquoise color
and dark brown, also in dry texture.
Meanwhile, the highlighter creates a good metallic highlight on skin.
Its texture is satin and easy to swipe.
And last is the lip color, in red burgundy.
It creates strong metallic color for party look.
But too bad, I will avoid using it on lips and more suitable as eyeshadow.

Swatches on hand.
Description above.

I had two looks, one with the turquoise color as main and another with the burgundy.

And the lip color:

Metallic lips?
Not on my list though.

Actually, I hate how the color looks like on my lips.
It is strong and metallic, which is not suitable for my daily office makeup.

As for eyeshadow, because the texture is dry, it doesn't have much fallout.
But it is too dry for my preferrence on eyeshadow.
Looks cheap to me, similar to Daiso.

Final Look:

The highlighter is the best at doing its job in this palette

I made the look using all colors in the palette.
It gives me a hard time using turquoise because I rarely use dark color.
I wanted it to look as natural enough, but the color is very bold.
I couldn't control it and I can't play much with that color.
I think I'll try again to use bold color
and below is the last result of my experiment:

Again, without using the burgundy lip color on my lips.
I put another eyeshadow from a few brands (I forgot what)
to put lighter color on eye lid hole.

I can't pull out the color bravely.
This palette is useless for me...

+ Have eyeshadow, highlighter, and lip color in one palette.
+ Because there is a discount, it is pretty affordable.
+ The quality have minimum fallout even thought the texture is dry.
+ Have sweet vanilla scent.
+ Stays long.
+ Have large mirror.
+ Vegan cosmetic is tempting for me, as I have a bunny and two dogs.
- Doesn't have brush.
- The colors are too bold! I bought it for review purposes and to try The Body Shop eyeshadow.
- Eyeshadow texture is very dry, so I don't like swiping it a lot.
- I can't seem to like the turquoise color and I feel it doesn't suit me.

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