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eyeNlip by Beautynetkorea

Beautynetkorea is a famous online shop
that sells Korean cosmetic and skincare.
Beautynetkorea manufactured its own makeup brand, eyeNlip.
I got the chance to try them,
and below are the a few lists of what I have tried and review here:

Note : Heavy images below for review purposes.

First, let's learn about eyeNlip:
It is an affordable brand that provides high quality products to customers
through reducing packaging containers and promotion.
EyeNlip pursues the aesthetic trend in cosmetics,
and everyday will be a new day with a joy discovering new beauty.

Above picture is what I received.
Then, let's begin the introduction of eyeNlip products.

01. Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Cream

Why using salmon?
Its unsaturated fatty acid and Vitamin A & E are known for
improving pigmentation and anti-aging caused by
damaged skin barrier or mental stress.
Astaxanthin efficiently removes dark circle under eyes and
Collagen prevents wrinkles and moisturizes skin.

Even though eyeNlip focused on the quality rather than packaging,
the Salmon Oil range seemed to have a good quality box.

The bottle also has a large amount of product!
The bottle quality is great, and a pump type for hygienic purpose.

Look closely again.
It has a flower mark as the box has (camellia?).

Pump type dispenses product evenly.
Don't worry because I can pump it as small as I want.

The Nutrition Eye Cream has intensive care that sooths and smooths the eye zone.
Providing moisture and nutrition, make it vital and lively.
The whitening and anti-aging ingredient make the skin bright and elastic.
Overall, this eye cream brings you brighter impression by covering eye bags
and delivering glossy moisture and elasticity.

The cream is not watery, but it gives enough moisture to skin.
The cream itself has slightly perfumed.
Not overwhelming to my nose though and will disappear fast.

As I get older, my skin becomes drier and rough,
especially the area under my eyes and the side of my lips.
Wrinkles became more obvious.
The Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Cream will help brightening and
smooth the skin area around my eyes.
Take a look below for the effect of using this cream, right after applying:

The effect right after applying is very good.
It really brightens my panda eyes area.
And after washing the next morning, my eyes area feels soft
without much wrinkle.
But the product must be used continuously to give moisture everyday.
After using it everyday, I feel the area around my eyes
keeps getting smooth and soft.
I can barely look at the differences, but I feel it.
My makeup settles fine without flaking.
Use this together with the serum and face cream.

02. Calamansi Whitening Pack

Calamansi is a fruit from South Eastern Asia.
Has 30x more vitamin C than lemon does.
Gives vitality to dull and lifeless skin.
Creates skin that you can be proud of.
Rich in antioxidant,
prevent allergy.

Calamansi Whitening Pack is a tone up brightening cream.
It can be used on face, hands, feets, legs, etc.
Take 2-3 minutes to let it absorbed.
Then rinse.
Even if I wash it with soap, the whitening effect is still there.
This is a lightning speed brightening cream
that stays for a long time!

The box consists of white & green color.
The green might represents calamansi fruit.

There's also calamansi picture on the side box.

The round bottle feels firm at my grip.

As it looks like, the cream is white and a bit runny
so it can be used easily at all area on skin.
The cream has orange-y scent.
But it will disappear slightly after it is absorbed.
It doesn't feel greasy / oily after 2-3 minutes.
The cream stays well on skin despite I have rinse with water / soap.

So, this is the result and comparison on my skin.
Even though it does whitening my skin,
it doesn't look fake at all.
My friends didn't notice the change of skin color.
Since it can be used on face too, below is the result (forgive my bare face):

It covers some discoloration on skin
and a few marks.
I didn't think it would be this good.
Please note that I can't wear it alone on face without putting it on neck too.

03. Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask

This mask is another series from Calamansi.
Has 7 effects in 1 mask : nutrition, elasticity, whitening, moisturizing,
soothing, radiance, and antioxidant.

Mask sheet is in yellow color.
That's a bright color for facemask.
I rarely see any facemask in bright color,
except for animal / character mask.
The yellow color comes from natural ingredients.


With vitamin A (oil, moisture balance control), B (anti-aging,
increase skin gloss, reduce acne), C (redness & freckles suppresion),
and P (improves antioxidant).
Whitening & wrinkle care multi functional mask pack,
feels soft and non-irritating with natural color yellow sheet (non-stained).

I rarely put my face using a mask.
But this mask is unique in its own way!
Has citrus-y scent when putting it on,
but disappear in seconds.

What I like very much from this mask sheet is
it doesn't get oily after the nutrition has been absorbed by skin.
The after use is great, it moisturized my skin.
Because of the very dry weather in my country,
my skin became rough and had many dead skin cell.
But after using this mask, my skin feels refreshed,
smooth, tightened, and glowing without greasiness!

04. Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

The aloe vera gel is famous for calming sensitive and tired skin.
It is hydrating and effective for tightening pores.

Different than other brand,
eyeNlip's aloe vera gel is in tube case.
I think it is more hygienic than the round bulky one.

 * Use it as moisture pack.
Put a nice thick layer and after 5-10 minutes later rinse it off.
If you do not want to rinse, wipe it off with tissue and lightly tap to absorb.
(TIP. It is better if you keep the soothing gel in refrigerator to add cooling effect.)

* To make water light makeup.
Mix the ratio of makeup base product and soymilk in 2: 1 ratio.
You can produce a moist and radiant skin.

* Hydrate dry skin!
Apply the soothing gel that is dry due to heater or air conditioner.
It makes skin moist.

* Using as an essence to the top of the hair.
Mix with a small amount of oil and apply to damaged hair to maintain moist hair.

* Soothe irritated skin after shaving.
It soothes irritates skin after shaving and provides moisture to keep skin smooth.

Had seal before opening it for the first time.

At first, I had tried the aloe vera gel from two other Korean brands.
EyeNlip's aloe vera doesn't have different feelings than those.
The effect of moisturizing skin can only stay for 5 minutes
until it gets absorbed, then I need to re-apply.
The one from eyeNlip has strong perfume scent that lasts all day.

No, it doesn't have whitening effect.
This was taken after trying Whitening Pack.
Only softening my rough & dry hand.

For my skin type, the aloe vera gel can't be used as moisturizing pack.
But it is very useful to me as refreshing and soothing gel.
Once applied, it leaves cooling sensation that awakens my eyes.
It doesn't leave stickiness.

05. Hydrogel Eye Patch #Black Pearl

Eye Patch is like a mask for eye.
It is used for under-eyes problem.

I like the box so much!
The flower pattern and black background seems elegant
and mysterious all the same.
And Black Pearl reminds me of the name of a pirate ship.

Long time expired date!

The round case have plastic separator and a pick up tool.
This helps to keep the patch hygienic when I picked it up.
But the soft & bouncy, unfirm texture makes it difficult
to pick only one patch.
I often unthinkably pick two pieces.

Green patch.
I wonder what's wrong with the black patch
at advertisement picture.
Maybe it is from the previous version.

The patch itself is moisturized by the liquid inside.
Has cooling effect and refreshing feelings when wearing it on undereyes.
The effect is not too recognizeable to me.


I feel my eyes are refreshed by the cooling sensation
and moisturized by the liquid.
For brightening effect, I think the Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Cream
works more excellent than this eye patch.

06. Pure White Tone-up Cream

Box is pink and font is white.
Calming down my mind with the mix color of it.

This can be considered a skincare and primer at once.
I got a good result like a skincare by using it.
Please read more below, that makes this cream my favorite
amongst eyeNlip's product.
The function is similar as Calamansi Whitening Pack.
Pure White Tone-up Cream can be used on face & body too.

1. Toning effect of dulled skin giving skin vitality and clear look.
2. Pure white toning cream with whitening function that gives natural shine.
3. Whitening Pearl Capsules provide a bright and clear skin.
4. Rich in natural vitamins extracts and desert Ice plant rich

in moisture and moisturizes the skin.
5. Contains niacinamide to inhibit melanin pigmentation

and provide a lasting whitening effect.

How to use
1. Take an moderate amount of the Pure White Tone up Cream
and apply it all over the face to absorb it.
2. If you do not apply carefully, the capsule may remain, so spread it evenly.

Please notice that the capsule is the one does the job
to brighten the skin.
So remember to spread it all, because if not,
the capsule will look like unspread powder.

The box contains spatula to take the cream out.
The cream itself will be absorbed gently to skin,
without stickyness.
Has slightly little fragrant.

I once thought the cream would create glowy face, but no.
The finish is semi-matte, with natural result.
It does brighten my skin, but more natural than Whitening Pack.

Please read more
After putting it for daytime,
the result is awesome!!

Can be used at day & night.

The cream is like a gel with pink-beige pearls.

After I spread it, the pearls cracked into powdery cream.
It gets absorbed to skin and doesn't feel oily
even though it makes my skin dewy.

My face is moisturized, without putting on cream skincare.
Usually, I put my night cream to help moisturized my dry skin.
But even though I didn't do it and only used Tone-up Cream with makeup,
my face felt moisturized, soft, without large pores.
This happened while my skin became very dry by sunny season.
Remember, Indonesia is very humid and hot.
It is said that the cream contains "ice plant extract"
to moisturize skin and I feel it is true.

Slightly brighten and a bit dewy.

For my skin type that doesn't have much acne,
this cream alone can be used as primer without foundation.
It covers a bit of spots, not as much as Calamansi Whitening Pack.
But can't cover redness.

07. Pure Cotton Perfect Cover BB Cream with SPF50+ / PA+++

A natural coverage BB cream contains moisturizing ingredients
to cultivate moist and soften skin.
Gives vitality to sensitive skin.
Covers even narrow areas, blemishes, dullness.
A base makeup trend item that displays clean and even skin tones.
Only have two shades, #21 Light Beige and #23 Natural Beige.
I got the lightest shade.

The BB cream is in small size.
But I think this a great BB cream, compared to other Korean brand.
The shade might be grey, it won't suit yellow skintone at all.
The cream is a bit hard & dry to blend.
But the finish result is beautiful.

What do I mean by beautiful?
If used alone without primer, it gives glowy finish on dry skin.
But not only that.
Most glowy finish BB cream will enlarge pores or feels dry.
But the Pure Cotton Perfect Cover BB cream
gives smooth finish with soft-focus effect to pores.
It lets my pore becomes smaller
and the natural glow comes out.

 Yes, I mean it.
The BB cream is greyish.
But I can apply at minimum amount for natural finish.

 Closer look at my skin after using eyeNlip BB cream.
I like to put Cezanne Cheek Stick on top of it
because they mix up well.

What you see on the model from its website (click link at the top post) is true.
Applying this BB cream lets my skin became poreless.
Since the finish result is dewy,
I don't know if it is suitable for oily skin or not.
But on dry skin like me, be happy to wear it alone
because it doesn't emphasize dry skin.
Also, it have high SPF that will protect skin from UV.
Similar as Pure White Tone-up Cream,
this BB cream also moisturize my skin after using it.
Maybe because it is made from "ice plant" too.

The BB cream is the last product I reviewed from eyeNlip.
My favorite is as I have written, the Tone-up Cream
for the brightening & moisturizing effect it does to my skin.
The second goes to Salmon Oil Nutrition Eye Cream because
it really moisturized my under-eyes area.
And my third favorite will be the Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask.
The mask gives smooth effect, without being oily after it is absorbed.

I don't have any problem or skin irritation by using eyeNlip products.
That's good and a rare situation because my face is a bit sensitive of skincare,
especially for the one contains perfumed and alcohol.
But even though eyeNlip does have fragrance, it really takes care of my skin.
Even for the makeup line, it gives moisturizing result after usage.

Using eyeNlip Pure White Tone-up Cream
and topped with Pure Cotton Perfect Cover BB Cream.

This review is sponsored by beautynetkorea.
But the thoughts are my honest opinion
after using them for 2 weeks.

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