Monday, July 16, 2018

Kitty Kawaii Mini AVA #Brown Softlens

I rarely purchase a lens because I can stand doing my daily job without lenses.
Even though my eyes are damaged, I only need lens for reading / driving.
Kitty Kawaii is a brand from Thailand.
And I don't know why I pick this, but it becomes my favorite lens.

Diameter : 14.5mm
Water content : 52%
Base curve : 8.6mm
Life span : 6 months - 1 year

Although it was written to have 14,5mm,
I don't think it is as large as most famous lens, such as EOS etc.
It is very small, and I'm more convenient to smaller diameter lenses.

Such cute kitty pict on it.
But the feelings while wearing the lens makes me very adult-like,
compared to most large lenses.
This lens is more natural!

What do you think?
The lens is the exact same size as my original eye lens.
This makes it very comfortable.
And I feel the concept is a bit similar to Japanese lenses.

Outdoor, it doesn't look obvious:

With lighting, it will be obvious because the color is light brown:

I had been wearing it for 3 months, not daily though.
I always using lens 1-2 days a week because I don't feel comfortable wearing it.
And mostly, it wouldn't stand until 3 PM.
I will put it off as I feel my eyes dry.
Although this one felt comfortable throughout a day,
by 1-2 months, it wouldn't feel as good as it was.
Now after 3 months, I will try another lens that I bought together with this.
I will choose the most comfortable between them then repurchase.

+ Comfortable because the water content is high.
+ It can stand for +/- 3 months.
+ Small size and looks very natural.
+ Easy to put it on because of the size.
+ Stays long until it feels dry.
+ Lightweight, doesn't feel like wearing a lens.
- A bit pricey than normal lens such as X2.

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