Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Coffret D'or Nudy Impression Eyes #02 Gold Brown & Smile Up Cheeks N #03 Coral Beige コフレドール ヌーディインプレッションアイズ #02 ゴールドブラウン & スマイルアップチークスN #03 コーラルベージュ

I had been eye-ing the new eyeshadow, Nudy Impression Eyes.
In the advertisement, Nanao was wearing no.02 Gold Brown a lot,
together with no.01 Coral Brown.
In the end, I picked Gold Brown because it felt more matural,
plus the healthy golden accent.
And bought it together with my second Smile Up Cheeks N,
in no.03 Coral Beige.

01. Coffret D'or Nudy Impression Eyes #02 Gold Brown

Due to the overlapping delicate light of the 3D glossy base,
shadows are born, illuminates the eyes of aesthetically pleasing
impressive three-dimensional feeling of the eye hole.

With nudy pearl which familiar to the skin,
finish on the eyelid smoothly without floating white. 
Melt into the skin, it fits into a moist and supple feelings.

Some translations from the website about Coffret D'or new concept:

From Coffret D'or new concept, "handsome beauty",
the new product is created with gold & black.
The gold is the most beautiful light a person can show of.
And black is the ultimate sharpness from an impression of a strenght shadow.

Let out the beauty in one self.

Nanao used Nudy Impression Eyes #02 Gold Brown,
Purely Stay Rouge #RD-227, Smile Up Cheeks N #03 Coral Beige.

Color variation:

01 Coral Brown : red-ish brown meets coral orange, gives kind impression
02 Gold Brown : yellow brown meets gold, gives sophisticated & brilliant impression
03 Blue Beige : grey-ish brown and cool blue sparkles, gives clean & cool impression
04 Pink Beige : pink brown and clear pink sparkles, gives lady-like impression

How to use:

The 3D glossy base is about the three colors on the left.
It contains cover, color, and light powder.

- The 1st step is to use no.1 brush (largest)
to swipe all 3D glossy base on eyelid.

- 2nd, put the shade color no.2 on no.2 brush,
swipe the outer corner of the eyes to eyehole to make
natural shadow. And use it on 1/3 outer corner of under eyes.

- Then, use no.3 chip to give nuance / glossy color no.3 from
the center of eyelid to inner corner.

- Last, put no.4 deep color on chip brush no.4 to create eyeline.

Final look:

The product:

Coffret D'or theme is now a mix of gold & black.
But the case is usually in pink with gold!

The case is a soft pastel pink which is lovely

I found the packaging for Coffret D'or nowadays is very simple.
It is in sweet pink color without much accent.
It works the same with this eyeshadow.
My old eyeshadow cases are glamorous and sparkling.
But now is clean, soft, and sweet.

The combination color makes it look soft & compact without much accessory.

As explained, it contains two brushes with dual side.
Refer to how to use above on how to put the brush technically.
I always had a long time to learn about Coffret D'or how to use eyeshadow.
They're usually in 3 steps or more, which is very long to me.
But I can get used to them after wearing for years now.

I love many colors in a palette! Look how mature they are...
Super love the big brush, it is very soft.
But my favorite brush here is no.4 for lining shadow.
It works well applying on eyeline without much stroke.
I only need 1-2 swatches to gain color liner.

Couldn't take the picture of no.1-3 color well... 
They're swatched about 3-4 times but the color is very sheer.

The 3D glossy base for Gold Brown are in pearly beige for cover,
yellow sparkling for color, and nudy brown for light.
On the right, we have warm skinny brown as shading color,
yellow-ish brown as glossy color,
and dark chocolate brown as deep / lining color.

Apparently, the eyeshadow is very unnoticeable!
It is made to let the inner beauty comes out,
without adding too much color.
The result is very natural,
to the term of I don't put anything on my eyelid.
Though because of the lining color,
it creates a depth on my eyes and strike it bold.

Because it is a shimmery eyeshadow,
it have minimum fallout too.
The 3D glossy base doesn't add much color on eyelid,
but since it is used in all eye areas,
I don't need a highlighter anymore on under eyes.
The red brown color no.2 (3D glossy base is no.1)
doesn't add strong color too on skin, which is weird.
Swiped it around 3 times on crease and still didn't show much.
No.3 gold color shows a bit on inner eyelid.
And the no.4 color liner in dark brown is the strongest color of all.
I recommend using eyeliner first before putting no.4 color, then blend it well.

I think the eyeshadow fits "handsome beauty" theme
in a way that it won't be a hinder of inner beauty.
It doesn't emphasize color too much,
but strenghten the glow skin through eyes.

For people who likes bold color eyeshadow,
this range is definitely not recommended.
But I personally have no hate because I'm searching
for a natural eyeshadow that won't look overly done.
This happens when I watch many J-doramas with not-bold-point-color.
When I'm getting older, this kind of color will help creating healthy look.

I personally think the eyeshadow can be used everyday,
despite using the shimmery golden color no.2.
 It is a good use for meeting, daily office working hour.
It stays very good for a long time, so you don't need to check it often at mirror.
And when you're hanging out with friends
it won't do too much and blend well with the entire natural makeup.

+ A eyeshadow palette consists of highlighting the eyelid.
+ Gives nice shimmer to eyes.
+ The lining color is good & pigmented.
+ Doesn't create too much fallout.
+ The palette has two dual-edge brushes and they're very good quality. I hate if a palette doesn't have enough brush to put each color on different side.
+ 3D glossy base (in 3 colors) are very useful to add more shine. It can be used alone too.
+ Staying for long on my dry eyelid.
+ Love how it gives me slightly cool look without adding bold color.
+ Stays long without smudging. The gradation stays long!
- Very expensive! You can put it in similar price as Kanebo Lunasol.
- Doesn't add much color to eyelid and unnoticeable.
- The how to use is a bit complicated. Still think Sofina Aube Couture is the quickest to apply palette eyeshadow contains of more than 2 colors.

02. Smile Up Cheeks N #03 Coral Beige

You should have remembered of my purchase for the Smile Up Cheeks N
in no.01 Soft Peach recently right?
I'm immersed in the glossiness it made and decided to buy
another favorite color in the range, #03 Coral Beige.

Could only find the old ads picture with Nagasawa Masami.
Now, I like her too ever since tried to watch her in The Confidence Man JP.
She's crazy there, and I love how natural her annoying laugh is!

Well, I don't know why I chose coral & peach color instead of pink.
I was once in doubt between Coral Beige & Cassis Rose though.

Coral Beige is a natural beige that gives an elegant adult impression.
The two cheek colors are a mixed of orange beige & coral.
The transparent natural skin powders are a mixed of soft coral and pearly beige.

I don't need to explain more of a case.
It is made of plastic and very lightweight.
The brush feels comfortable on skin without harsh feelings.

 Every time I saw the case, it reminded me of a shell shape.
Or is it a shell pearl?

The Coral Beige is a softer version of Soft Peach.
The middle color is red-ish coral, then a soft coral
and the luster color are in soft beige & ivory.

 I feel that I will like it more than Soft Peach because of its soft feelings given by its color.

 On cheeks, it gives me a pink-ish beige.
It is more control-able than Soft Peach.
 Still gives a nice sheen!

All in all, I love the Smile Up Cheeks N #03 Coral Beige a lot!
I might use it as my everyday blusher, instead of Soft Peach.
It is more natural, soft, and pink-ish like a skin.
Soft Peach is too bold for everyday use,
although I still use it a lot too before buying this one.

The Coral Beige let me show my mature side.
While the Soft Peach looks more cheerful and healthy.
This blusher is my favorite for now,
along with an all-time-favorite Bourjois Little Round Pot.

+ Gives a soft & natural flush.
+ Adding shine to cheeks without being over dramatic.
+ The Coral Beige gives more natural flush, like it's from my real skin complexion.
+ Compact case with a brush that can be put inside. How thoughtful.
+ Very fond of the brush, which is soft and made with good quality too. The powder can be easily taken off by it.
+ The case is lighweight. Even though it is made like a cheap plastic, but still good for photograph ^ ^
+ All Coffret D'or item doesn't have scent!
+ Stays long on my skin.
- Same as the eyeshadow, this blusher is only a few Yen lower than Nudy Impression Eyes. Expensive!!
- Might not be suitable for people who dislike shimmery blusher.

Using all products:

I think I swipe more than 3 times for each color eyeshadow...
And it turned prettier like this.
Definitely look mature with Nudy Impression Eyes #02 Gold Brown.


  1. The blusher looks cute! I've been wanting to try Coffret d'or products but not many Japanese brands are available in my country. D:

    1. Hi ^ ^
      I purchased through PO. There is no Coffret D'or brand too in my country.
      The look is so sweet right? The swirl on gradation color is enchanting. For people who like natural finish, choose this one instead of #01.

    2. Sorry, but what is PO? ^^;;;

    3. I think PO is purchase order. You need to find an online shop / people which will carry the goods from overseas. Usually, it takes 2 weeks - 2 months upon ordering to get your selected goods because of freight forwarding & law differences in each country. Of course the amount you pay will usually double the price in Yen.