Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Peripera Sugar Glow Tint #05 Cherry Pie Filling

The Sugar Glow Tint is a glossy lip tint.
I always buys Peripera matte lip tint.
Now, I wanted to at least try the glossy tint.
I didn't prefer glossy tint because of the vivid color and not suitable for daily.

The new Sugar Glow Tint looks very sweet, like a candy.

A dewy and glossy finish that completes a plump and lustrous pout!
A tint that maintains its original color, subtly staining the lips to last all day.
Extraordinarily dewy! Non-sticky glossiness! A hydrating lip tint.
Contains Maple syrup, Manuka honey extract, and Muscovaco sugar!

I didn't have any interest in this lip tint before
because the color payoff was too much.
It is vivid, bold, and on top of it, glossy!
I will look very ugly in those kinds of lips since my lips is a full one.
Even though I would buy, no.04 should be more nude.
But ever since watching the video of Rina-tin,
and she liked no.05, I was interested in the same color.

Obviously, I bought from an impulse!

From the plastic case, it looks like I bought a candy!

Like its description, Cherry Pie Filling is a fuschia color.
I feel the color remains true to the ads.

The bottle is very big!
Although it is made of plastic, I found it is heavy.

Applicator brush have this round side.
The brush is soft too.

It has very sweet scent, not much stronger than Ink Airy Velvet.
I feel like eating it!
But it doesn't have taste though.
Close tightly until it have this "click" sound.

Color comparison with Ink Airy Velvet.

And even though it has scent, it doesn't have taste actually.

See the swatch on lips?
It is very same with the ads picture.
Gives glossy finish, but not sticky.
It leave stain and creates gradation once settled to lips.
Will give dry finish after a few minutes though.
The Sugar Glow Tint is actually the same as other watery lip tint.
It stays long if you don't eat too much.
But once being rubbed in water, it will be removed easily.
And the glossy finish won't stay for long, it will feel dry afterwards.

I don't have any hate for this lip tint.
But I personally still choose the Ink Airy Velvet.
For its smooth finish, without emphasizing full lips too much.
And the color for MLBB in Ink Airy won't be too bold for my everyday use.
The Cherry Pie Filling color is almost similar with my previous lip tints.
I don't think of it as my favorite,
because it is not as unique as I thought.

+ Gives glossy finish for people who dislike matte.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry lips.
+ The sweet candy scent doesn't have taste actually.
+ The applicator brush is very cute & soft.
+ The size is big & it is cheap.
+ Creates gradation easily.
- Will become dry after an hour.
- Color variations are too bold for me.

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