Thursday, March 1, 2018

Mini x X-girl Collaboration Perfect Make Palette & Spring x Suzuki Emi Collaboration Crayon Cosme

This is Japanese magazine bonus time.
Mini and X-girl collaboration created Perfect Make Palette.
It's a palette containing blue lipgloss, eyeshadow quad,
two lip & cheek creams, and adding two double-edge brushes.
Meanwhile, Spring magazine was giving Suzuki Emi collaboration's giveaway,
the five crayon-type blushers & contouring makeup.

I will be reviewing Mini x X-girl Collab first.
The important thing is the collaboration product.
Mini is a girly chic magazine
and Spring is about coat and accessories.
I don't look at them very well.
I think the previous magazine I bought were a lot more fun than these two.

01. Mini x X-girl Collab Perfect Make Palette

How to use:

The actual palette is in grey color:

That's a bit hard to take a picture because it reflects light.

The blue gloss looks sparkling.
It is a trend in Japan.
Many colors from blue, yellow, or black gloss,
are popular there.


The eyeshadow quad are satin finish, without large glitters.
They are similar to Daiso, slightly softer and easier to use.
Glides smoothly on skin without dry patches.
No.6 & 9 can be mixed for eyebrows too, according to magz inside.

Meanwhile, the cream blushers are very natural.
No.4 is also easy to use, even though it looks bold.
But on skin, it doesn't become bold in two swipes.
Of course I love no.5 blush more.
And the blue gloss gives shine to lips.
But I don't use it often because I don't like using two products at once.

Using no.6 for eyebrow,
no.6-9 for eyeshadow,
and no.5 for blusher.

Using no.4 for lips, topped with blue gloss.

Finish result for eyes, lip & cheek using no.5:

02. Spring x Suzuki Emi Collab Crayon Cosme

The back picture for Spring Magazine.
Komatsu Nana?

 How to use:

All models are Suzuki Emi herself.

Swatches on hand according to the order above

From right to left:
Sango is a coral color.
Nakakurenai is a sheer blue-ish pink color.
Ake is a red bold color.
Hikari is for highlighting and Kage is for shadow contouring.
Even though Kage looks dark,
it will blend easily to skin color because the texture is soft creamy.

This is the actual bullet's shape.
It is hardly melt, so it keeps being in that sharp edge shape.
No need to use sharpener.
All bullets leave a vanilla scent, which is heavenly.

Use Sango on all creases,
Nakakurenai for outer eyelids & cheeks.
Ake for lips.
And Hikari & Kage for contouring face, eyes, nose.
My lips hurts a lot in dry weather.
 It was an obvious bleeding.

This is not something like a free gift would be.
I love the Spring's crayon cosme more than Mini x X-girl
because they're so convenient.
But the highlighter has large glitters.
I prefer another highlighter from Innisfree for natural highlighting finish.
Kage or shadow is a good contouring creamy color.
It blends easily without obvious mark.

Surprisingly, the creamy crayon colors are fit on my eyecrease.
But it doesn't stay more than 2-3 hours, before creating obvious crease line.
They blended perfectly like usual powder type eyeshadow too.
And as blusher, it stays a long time without fading.
As for lips, I don't know much.
Because I prefer to use a product concern for lips alone,
since my lips is very dry and often cracks.
But the creamy crayon will become glossy on lips,
which I love a lot!

All color makeup used Spring x Suzuki Emi Crayon Cosme.

Using Spring x Suzuki Emi, lips was using Kate Color Highvision Rouge #RS-1.

Obviously my favorite is Spring x Suzuki Emi collab!
The crayon colors are very easy to use.
No need a bulky palette...
Color pigmentation for all creamy crayons are very good too.
It doesn't become dry on skin / lips.
And it does care for my dry lips, moisturize it.
I'm glad I bought the Spring magz too.
In the first place, I was at a lost of choosing between Spring or
Popteen in Baskin Robbins makeup.

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