Sunday, March 18, 2018

Canmake Wink Glow Eyes #02 Sakura Mauve キャンメイク ウィンクグロウアイズ #02 サクラモーヴ

Yes, I bought another Wink Glow Eyes.
Although I didn't feel satisfied by the range
after purchasing #03 Romantic Aurora,
I bought #02 Sakura Mauve in order to add more color for cream shadow.
The Sakura Mauve color is a smoky pink for a pretty,
yet grown up look.

I put this picture again~ Teehee 😜😚

As you can see, the difference between #02 & #03
is because #02 is pink, while #03 is purple.
Though for me, they're sheer enough to be used as base or topping glitter.


As usual, the nozzle can't measure the amount squeezed.
Since I only need a little size of cream,
this tube can't help.

And comparing to #03 Romantic Aurora:

Color swatches:

Left to right : #02 Sakura Mauve - #03Romantic Aurora

By looking at the color swatches on my hand above,
Sakura Mauve is a pink lean to beige.
That's why it will look more natural on skin,
because it has the hue of skin color.
Meanwhile, Romantic Aurora is a metallic purple,
blue hue is dominant.

It looks prettier than Romantic Aurora.
I'm glad I bought Sakura Mauve.
Staying power is great too on my dry skin.
It doesn't crease for the entire working hour, surprisingly.

I prefer the Sakura Mauve than Romantic Aurora.
But I think Romantic Aurora is more suitable for party look,
because Sakura Mauve is lean on skin color.
Which is unrecognize-able at special moment.

I don't put my thoughts since they're almost same with the previous color.
But I prefer Sakura Mauve.

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