Monday, March 12, 2018

Kao Blaune Bubble Hair Color #6 Dark Brown 花王ブローネ 泡カラー #6 ダークブラウン

Blaune is one of Kao's brand for hair color,
same with Liese.
It is targeted for old ladies with grey hair.
I colored my hair with Mise en Scene Vanilla Gold before going to HK.
And I couldn't color it dark even with another Mise en Scene Choco Brown
My hair always turned to golden brown color and very light.
So I thought the one targeted for grey hair would be good
for my situation.

Dark Brown is supposed to be a black brown.
But the advertise picture is a bit red-ish.
Below is the color chart:

I bought #6 Dark Brown.
It is supposed to be a dark color on chart.
But I wonder if it will work well on my light hair color.

Because it is made for grey hair,
the model is supposed to be a 40-50 years old lady.

What you get is the same as Liese Prettia.
They're from the same brand, Kao, anyway.

This is the color result after day 1.
Looks a bit darker but still have light beige color under light.

Differences with the before hair color outdoor

The color gradually becomes lighter after one week.
But now, it stays like the right picture and a bit satisfied.
I've tried using British Ash but it only worked for one week.
My hair changed to Mise En Scene #10G again.
Though with Blaune, it maintain the color to be darker.

Taken using Asus Zenfone 4 Selfie front camera indoor

Approved the function to hide grey hair!
It's been about 4 weeks after using this haircolor.
It changed to be a bit brighter than day 1.
But keeps it darker than my previous haircolor.
Now I can walk safely without catching too much attention.

Note : The color stays at dark brown for 1,5 month
than gradually becomes lighter now. I need to re-color it!
Although it is not as light as previously.

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