Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge #11 Raspberry Rose キャンメイク ステイオンバームルージュ #11 ラズベリーローズ

I really love Canmake Stay-on Balm Rouge
and had tried many of them.
Especially no.5, I bought it three times as my fav lipbalm.
At first, I needed to re-purchase no.8 Juicy Peony,
my 2nd fav color from this range.
But the BA suggested to try no.11 too,
for better color payoff.
No.11 is called Raspberry Rose.

 Raspberry Rose is a luscious, sophisticated reddish-pink.
It has a hint of purple too, similar to no.8.
But the finish result is lean on bold pink.

I don't need to explain about what Stay-on Balm Rouge is.
The website in English is very useful for it.

And the bullet's color is here:

The finish result is glossy sheer color.
So don't be afraid of the bullet.

Color swatches:

I prefer no.8 though, because it suits me better.
The makeup looks very lady-like in no.11 Raspbery Rose color.
Though this color will pop-out more,
no.8 is the most perfect for my taste of a lipbalm.
Formula is the same with other Stay-on Balm Rouge.
It is moisturizing and taking care of my dry lips a lot.

Well, I think this color is not my daily lipbalm.
I will prefer no.5 than this one.
But it will do good for special occassion.
Raspberry Rose is suitable to hangout with friends,
so the lip color will show out, because it's juicy and red-ish.

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