Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Lancome Juicy Shaker #301 Meli Melon

I had been eye-ing Juicy Shaker since a year ago.
But I didn't have the need to buy it quickly,
so I kept putting it aside.
Now that I had an urge again to review this product,
I bought Juicy Shaker in shade Meli Melon.

Most of you already know what this is.
It is a pigment infused bi-phased lip oil.
Not as a liptint, but I think this is similar to a lipgloss.
In light texture and glossy finish than a heavy lipgloss.
Meli Melon is a pink melon natural shade.

Shake It, Twist It, Love It! Colors that turn you on!

A seriously addictive lip oil with a pillowy-soft cushion applicator for a delicious shot of color with a hint of shine.

Shake it up with the latest innovation: Juicy Shaker’s bi-phase technology delivers the first pigmented lip oil with 2 distinct phases. The first phase is a transparent oil phase for a comfortable non-sticky shine. The second is the pigment phase for a shot of color. Shake Juicy Shaker like a cocktail shaker to mix the pigments and oil. The cushion applicator enhances application by delivering the perfect 'shot' of addictive non-sticky shine and a sheer tint of color to your lips that is simply irresistible.

The cocktail blend of 4 nourishing oils treats your lips like a lip balm. Peach kernel oil; a well-known emollient softens lips while Sweet Almond oil conditions and Cranberry oil provides rich anti-oxidant properties. Muscat Rose oil is rich in essential fatty acids and helps to soothe lips. So addictive, you won’t be able to resist applying it over and over.

Suggested to shake it first before applying.

Mine was already mixed up while purchasing from online seller. ((●´∧`●))
It is supposed to be in two colors, like the first picture.
The coral and pink is already mixed now.

There's a Lancome rose logo on the cap.

Shake it and the sponge will turn pink.
Wet and cold. 
It becomes a gradation but by time, it will be all pink.

When opening the cap, I could smell a sweet scent coming from the gloss.
The sponge applicator is very soft and flexible.
It does feel very smooth on my lips.

As for the gloss itself,
it is scented and taste like a very sweet candy, mixed with metal sadly.
I don't feel very fond of the taste.
But it will disappear after seconds.

The gloss doesn't emphasize my dry lips.
But I must put it a few times to moisturize my lips,
or it won't get moisturized at all.
Such a waste.. I must applied numerous times.
For staying power, it is quite good.
It will leave my lips in pink color after an hour,
while the glossy-ness disappear.
But the stain doesn't stay long anyway.
It will disappear once rubbed with water.

I have mix feelings of this product.
While it creates a cute glossy lips,
I dislike the scent and taste, and does not moisturize my lips.
Meli Melon is a cute pink color.
I thought it would turn more pigmented.
And the price is expensive for something like a normal lipgloss.
I will consider more upon purchasing another color in the future.

+ A cute glossy color suitable for natural makeup.
+ Doesn't emphasize dry area.
+ Have a sweet scent.
+ The sponge applicator is soft & smooth, flexible to be used in all lips area.
+ Small and travel friendly.
+ The cap can be used as a mirror.
+ More or less, will leave sheer stain.
- Very expensive for a lipgloss.
- The taste is a mixed of sweet candy and metal cap.
- Must be use numerous times to moisturize my lips well. Or it won't at all.
- The stain won't last long.

I think my face is unsuitable without bangs. (๑◕︵◕๑)

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