Monday, September 11, 2017

Mise En Scene Hello Bubble Hair Coloring #7N Mocchalatte Brown

Been almost a year after coloring my hair.
I previously tried Liese and BeautyLabo from Japan.
But never had a try in Korean hair bubble coloring.
I thought of purchasing Etude,
but the reviews were bad.
Meanwhile, I finally found a Korean hair coloring
with many good reviews.
This is Mise En Scene.
I feel bad not knowing this product until now.

As usual, I picked a bubble hair coloring.
Since I don't like using comb.
A bubble hair colorant only needs my fingers
to spread the product evenly, like shampoo-ing my hair.
7N is Mocha Latte / Natural Brown.
But looking at its box and model,
it dosn't look natural at all, at least for office worker.
The color will turn to light brown, with a hint of gold.

Color variations.. I don't know if it's already all of them.

This one is a bit light,
compared to Mise En Scene other products.
But since my hair color was not black at all,
I thought the finishing would look like the middle picture in color chart (1st pict).

Overall work is similar to Liese,
Shake the bottle by circling around, not up and down.
Then, push the cap.
Easily done!

I thought the serum treatment gave my hair a smooth finish like conditioner.
But after I used it all,
my hair is still very smooth even though I didn't use it anymore.
So finally I know that this product smoothen my hair too!
Even with using Innisfree Camellia Shampoo,
the one to stiffen my hair,
I still like to touch it frequently because of the smooth texture.
It stays for a long time too!
This product really treats my hair like a serum.
And the smell is not too bad when I put it.
But the smell stays for more than 7 days after washing it everyday.

Sorry, there is no before picture.
But this is what I have got in 5 days.

Before and after picture below.
Not much differences, right?

Before picture is left, this was taken 6 months ago.
The difference under sunlight is quite significant.
But not too obvious indoor.

For color,
it's just like what I had in mind.
I think it's not too light on my dark brown hair.
I'm not really satisfied.
I was lost to choose between 7N or 10G before.
But my mom told me to color it natural for work.
So I picked 7N.
I will buy 10G later for sure,
before going to Hong Kong in November.
I hope my hair color will be lighter by then.

After a week, it looks lighter.
But still a normal brown.
My hair is still very short compared to last year ꒰๑•̥﹏•̥๑꒱
even though it has been 6 months without cutting. 

+ Easy to use without comb.
+ It gives a plastic protector for my clothes too. That's a plus point.
+ The smell is not bad.
+ Moisturized and soften my hair for days... 10 stars.
+ The color looks the same as the chart picture.
+ Not as expensive as Liese.
+ Natural finish on darker hair.
+ The color becomes lighter after 2 weeks.
+ I think one product can be used even for people with long hair.
- Color does not come out as light as I imagined. But that's my problem.
- Out of reach. 10G and 7N are sold out almost everywhere.
- Only a few color variations available. Liese have more.

After 2 weeks it becomes lighter under sunlight, yay.
Will color it with 10G, though. Had bought it.
I'm satisfied with this color and the effect of it,
but I need it lighter!

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