Thursday, September 21, 2017

Canmake Lip Tint Jam #02 Mango Jam

Lip Tint Jam is an upgraded version of Lip Tint Syrup.
I owned the Lip Tint Syrup #01 Sakura & #02 Strawberry.
The Lip Tint Jam offers longer staying power than the previous version.
I was interested since the product is often posted in Japan's magazine.
The Lip Tint Jam is models favorite!
But too bad, I didn't find #01 Cherry Jam at the store.
So want it or not, I took #02 Mango Jam.

Clear color, just like jam. Lip stain with a barely-there finish.

Color stays on even after eating
Silky-smooth bare-skin texture 
Translucent formula provides a barely-there finish
● The jam-like jelly spreads over your lips in a flash.
● Gives your lips an instant burst of color with a silky-smooth texture that feels just like your own bare skin.
● Ensures that you can enjoy lip make-up without worrying about hair or clothing fibers sticking to your lips.
Color stays on even after eating
● The color actually gets brighter over time, so it stays firmly on your lips.
*The precise color will vary between individuals.
● The color stays in place even if you're eating and drinking, ensuring that make-up touch-ups after meals are simplicity itself.
Provides a naturally rosy look
● Gives lips a natural sheen that looks like you're not wearing any make-up at all.
The color develops as though your lips are gradually becoming rosier from within, creating a gentle look.
Ideal as a lip base or for gradation lips
● The non-sticky finish gives it a more subtle sheen. Layer lip balm or lip gloss over it to give your lips the ultimate shine.
● The translucent formula makes it easy to adjust the shade. Apply a thin coat over the whole of your lips, then apply another coat from the center close to the middle of the lips to vary the intensity and create a gradation effect.
Apply the necessary amount to your lips, just like using an ordinary lip gloss.
The color begins to develop within a few minutes of application and then stays firmly on your lips.
*The precise color will vary between individuals. Layer lip balm or lip gloss over the top to give your lips the ultimate shine.

The Lip Tint Jam has clear transparent bottle.
You can see the remaining tint inside the bottle, since its color is dark.
Even though I couldn't buy Cherry Jam,
Mango Jam might work for me, I thought so.

Mango Jam is a hot orange color with juicy finish.
It is really an orange color.
Looking at the bottle, it seems dark orange, almost red.
But once applied, it will become a vibrant orange.

I only bought a few orange lippies in my life.
One of it is Revlon Lacquer Balm in #130 Tease. and Etude's Cupcake #OR201.
After that, I'm afraid I won't look good in orange.
But I have trust in Canmake.
They would want all girls look cute and pretty, right?

Turn out, the orange is very bright.
Even though it is the real orange color, I look good in it.
I'm very surprised at how good the orange would look on me.
Super love this orange, more than my Revlon!

The texture is like any Korean liptint, such as The Face Shop My Lips Eat Cherry.
It doesn't have scent, but it have bitter taste.
I didn't feel surprise because some Korean lip tint also taste bitter.
The texture is also very similar to them.
It quickly dries and settled to my lips.
It doesn't create crack, and smoothly goes as a tint.
But people who find Korean liptint is dry, might also think the same.
As for me, I don't have any problem.
Moreover, the orange actually works on my fair skin.

I used pink eyeshadow from Coffret d'Or.
But the orange liptint still create a fresh impression.
It can be mixed with any eyeshadow color, I supposed.
It stays very long, it's hard to be removed even using L'oreal Micellar Water.

+ A long staying power lip tint.
+ Doesn't accentuate dry lips.
+ Moisturize lips perfectly.
+ Price is the same with drugstore Korean liptint.
+ Create gradation easily.
+ The orange works for any skincolor, surprisingly.
+ Small bottle and travel-friendly. You can see the remaining tint inside too.
+ Doesn't transfer to anything.
- Taste bitter.
- Might feel it is dry like Korean liptint.

 And this time, I used the eyeshadow of Canmake.
Still pink..

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